Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had quite a scare yesterday...

Mark went on to work bright and early. I had heard that there were storms a coming, so we decided not to make our normal Saturday run to the Farmer's market. (Plus my house was a wreck since last week was crazy and I had just not been home to clean it!) So the girls and I stayed home and worked hard. They were playing outside right before naps when the wind started blowing and the rain began to come. I hurriedly got the girls and the dog back inside and rushed around the house, trying to secure all our outside toys and furniture. I put the girls down for naps and started to do my overflowing pile of dishes, skipping my normal "check-my-e-mail and blogs and fb" time in order to get a little more done. We hardly ever turn on the TV during the day, so I had no clue that they had changed the forecast from bad storms to tornadoes!! I noticed the wind was absolutely ridiculous, but figured Mark would call if I needed to be worried about anything. ( I forgot that Saturday is his craziest day at the Sports Center and he wouldn't have time to be on the computer either!)

The storms kind of came and went all afternoon and around 4:00 the lights started flickering so I texted Mark to tell him we might lose our power. He called me back and told me to take the girls in the bathroom if we heard a train sound. "Seriously?" I couldn't imagine that a tornado would ever be coming to MY neighborhood! We got cut off because I had no signal. Not a good sign! Right then my phone beeped to tell me it was losing power. Also not what I wanted to hear! I mean, if you are going to be caught in a tornado, at least you want to be able to call for help, right? I jumped up to plug it in and just then, the storm got crazy.

I watched it for a few minutes and really couldn't decide what to do. Who would want to take 3 littles into the bathroom to hide unless it was absolutely necessary? But noise was so loud that I was afraid I would miss the whole "train sound" so we piled into the bathroom. The cat ran in with us, but got scared off by our big dog, who also wanted to hide in the bathroom!

We started to read books together, but only seconds later (4:13 to be exact), the power went out completely and it was pitch black inside the bathroom. (Why didn't I think to find the flashlights first?) So I told the girls to stay put and ran to the bedroom to grab some. Whew! The girls did amazingly well. We only stayed in there about 15 minutes until the storm had quieted down a little and I figured the worst was over. We sang songs and they danced in the bathtub. Luckily Abbi slept through it all in my sling.

Our power stayed off for about 11 hours, came back on in the middle of the night, and then went off again about 7:15am. Around 10am, it finally came back on to stay (we hope!).

In the end, the whole bathroom escapade was unnecessary because the tornado didn't hit our house. But it was close... way closer than I would have guessed. There were actually trees uprooted in my own neighborhood! (For the first time since moving here almost 5 years ago, I was thankful that we don't have any big trees in our yard.) And I must say that it was such a relief to finally have my husband home with us and my phone completely charged again! I am so thankful that my girls are safe and sound and will never again be lazy enough to think that we are safe from natural disasters!

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Eliška a Vláďa said...

Oh my goodness, glad to hear you're OK! How scarry, we really do not get any of this over here in Europe :-) Thaks for sharing your life with us, I get a lot of parenting tips from you.
Love, Eliska and Vlada