Friday, April 8, 2011

Abbi Grace at 2 months

Oh, Abbi, you are such a sweetie! You grin and coo at me and kick your legs and get so excited when you see me! You are definitely a Mama's girl at this stage, but you enjoy the attention of others as well and will grace them with a smile if they talk to you sweetly.

You are absolutely obsessed with watching your sisters and get so excited when they come to play with you. You might be a little frightened of Karlie, because she unintentionally hurts you at least once a week, but you still cannot take your eyes off her if she is nearby and you get excited when she comes to bring you people to "play" with. Karis understands how to play with you nicely and enjoys showing you things to look at.
You found your fingers this month and are always trying to chew on them. You shocked Mama the other day when she was looking at your sweet smile because, low and behold, you already have a tooth! None of your sisters even started teething until at least 4 months old, so Mama thinks you are a little odd, especially because it is not one of the "normal" front 4 teeth.

You seem to be very strong and can already sit in the Bumbo for just a little while before you get tired.

You don't like to take long naps (stuck in that 45 minute rut) but will usually go about 3 hours at a time during the night and sometimes 4. Your best sleep time is from about 8pm to 2 am and you would probably not wake up at all of Mama didn't feel the need to feed you one more time before she goes to bed at 11.

You still spit up a lot, more than your sisters did, but it no longer keeps you from falling back to sleep at night (for which Mama is ever so thankful!) In fact, you have gotten to be a very easy baby and don't even need rocking or bouncing in the evenings. You just lay on the couch beside Mama and fall right asleep looking at her :)

You are such a sweet baby and your smile just makes my day every time!

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