Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I love consignment sales...

I love consignment sales! My husband is lucky to host a huge kids consignment sale at his place of work twice a year and it is such a blessing! I pretty much buy the girls' entire wardrobe for the next season there. My girls never wear anything new (other than what their grandmas buy :), although most of their clothes look like new. I do splurge at the end of each season if I can find a good deal on matching dresses for my girls, but other than that, everything they wear comes from this great consignment sale. But before you turn your nose up at me for buying pretty much everything for my girls secondhand, let me share with you some of the other deals I scored this weekend:

A Beco baby carrier for $10 (normally $129)
A Kaboost for $5 (awesome chair lifter for kids like Karlie that are small but hate the high chair, normally $40)
a crib mattress for $8
a car seat for $25
Little Tikes Toy Box for our outside toys for $7 (normally $60)
lots of dresses and pants for around $2 each

I LOVE consignment sales!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to check the expiration date on that carseat (they expire 6 years from DOM). Also, if it was ever in an accident then it is NOT safe to use.

Leah F said...

Those are great steals! I would love to hear how you like the Beco baby carrier, and how it compares to the Ergo :-)