Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet Abbi Grace at 3 weeks

Three weeks have passed since my sweet girl made her appearance, and we are just falling more and more in love with her every day! She is slowly adjusting to a more regular 3-hour schedule, which is nice. But she still has a hard time to going back to sleep right away at night -- she will conk out immediately and about 5 minutes later, (when I am utterly sound asleep and dreaming!) she will wake up burping and spitting. I guess I just need to stay awake a little longer and wait, huh? :) But boy is it easy to fall asleep when you are getting up every 2 1/2 hours!

Abbi loves the swaddle and is full of smiles when you unwrap her and let her stretch. It is really one of my favorite things to do because she gets so excited to see my face and she makes all sorts of funny, happy faces while she stretches.

She loves the sling and moby-style wrap as well! Every time I have taken her out in public, everyone is just amazed at how she never fusses. But I know that is just because she loves to be held so much. Tomorrow will be interesting because it will be my first day back running around with Karlie in her soccer class and I plan to put Abbi in my Moby-style wrap. But I think she will enjoy it :)

When Abbi was born, I thought she looked just like my other babies did, especially Karis, because they were both a little chunky. But now most people say she is looking more like Mark. Although, they said that about Karlie and now a lot of people have told me that Karlie looks exactly like my Mom! It is so fun to see how babies change and grow so quickly! (But a little sad, too, because I enjoy this snuggly stage so much and don't want her to get bigger!)

Because of the afore-mentioned spitting up issue, we have left Abbi in our room beside our bed these past 3 weeks. But she has been doing somewhat better than at first, so she is getting ready to transition to her own room later this week. I've already started putting her in there for naps... I just haven't been ready to make the trek across the hall 4 times a night yet :) But I think that I jump to grab her at the slightest sound and we would both sleep better if I wasn't right beside her to hear every grunt. Abbi is the noisiest baby we have had yet :)

Abbi's newborn clothes are really getting too tight for her, so we have had fun getting out the 3 month clothes. Karis still picks out her outfit every single morning!

I'm so thankful for such a happy, sweet, healthy baby!

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