Friday, March 18, 2011

She's going to have to be tough (and Mama is, too!)

Yesterday was one of those days...

I was trying to make dinner and Abbi wouldn't nap. I tried cooking with the baby in my arms for a little while, then set her in the swing in the next room. Karis was up on a chair helping me cook, when I hear Karlie say, "Oh, no!" I look over at her and she had knocked the entire tupperware of crayons on the floor, along with her cup of milk :) I go to help her clean up the multitude of soggy crayons and Abbi starts fussing in the swing. Karlie runs in to "help" her (the girls are usually good about giving the swing a little push to help Abbi get back to sleep) and I hear her laughing. "Oh, good," I thought,"she is entertaining Abbi so I can finish wiping up this mess." But then I hear a blood curdling scream!

I rush over to the swing and Abbi is hysterical. I mean, she is opening her mouth in the widest scream possible, but she is so upset that she can't catch her breath and no sound is coming out! Oh, it was so scary! It just broke my heart to see her in so much pain. But the worst part was that I had no idea what had happened!!! How could I help my baby if I didn't know what hurt? I begged Karlie to tell me, but I guess she was scared so she clammed up. At first I thought she had put something in Abbi's mouth, because Abbi kept on opening it and closing it and sputtering. So I asked Karlie specifically and she said yes. So I asked what she put in her mouth and Karlie answered, "the paci." Well, I knew that should not have upset Abbi to this extent; plus, by this time I had started nursing her to calm her down so I know she wasn't choking on anything. But she was obviously still in pain because she would stop nursing for a second, look up at me in horror, like, "can't you make it stop?" Then she would whimper, and then nurse some more. Oh, it was so pitiful! Then I noticed her eye was red and puffy. I asked Karlie if she had put the paci anywhere else and she said, "her eye." So I guess she jabbed it in pretty hard. But I still don't know for sure.

Whew! Only 5 weeks old and Abbi is already sporting a puffy, almost black eye. Poor kid. But I'm sure she will have to endure much more being the littlest sister. I think she'll be ok because she'll learn to be tough. But I'm not sure if my heart can take it :)

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Kim said...

Moments like this one are the hardest when being a mom to 3 little ones! "Life "can happen so fast that it is hard to take care of everything. Thank goodness by the 3rd little one you realize they are pretty resilient!