Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Poor kitty

In my previous post, I forgot to mention that I bought the girls a humongous $2 bag of random people. And that it was probably one of the best $2 I've ever spent! They have played with these people nonstop for 5 days straight. These people line up on the piano, on the sink, everywhere. They come on the couch to read books with us and try to sneak into little beds. THey have attempted without parental approval to eat dinner with us. The plastic ones go outside to play in the water table, and the wooden ones are constantly being rescued by Yours Truly so they don't get ruined in the sandbox. They might get on my nerves just a little since I find them all over the house, but I LOVE the creative, imaginative play they produce with my girls. The girls talk to them and for them without ceasing all day long. It is so good for their language development! But poor kitty gets the brunt of it... they absolutely love to cover him up with people!


CountryGirl said...

Ooh...where did you get those? My kids would LOVE them, and $2 is an awesome price!!

Meg said...

I got them at a local consignment sale!