Saturday, March 19, 2011

Outside with spring fashion :)

Today was absolutely beautiful and the girls spent most of it outside! I'm so thankful for a deck right outside my kitchen... I just opened the door and kept an eye on them while doing dishes and other chores :)

Of course, it took us a while to get outside... Karis has a love/hate relationship with her spring clothes. She is so incredibly excited about them, but has issues that they feel/fit so differently from her winter ones. (Imagine her wailing, "Mama, I'm peeking out!!" when she put on a sundress that was looser and lower than she was used to :) Anyways, it took her several tries to find a bathing suit that fit just right. I had really hoped it would be several years before the need to try on several outfits emerged! :)

Karlie, on the other hand, just grabs whatever clothes she sees and puts it on :) And in this pic, she is saying, "Seriously! How many time can a girl change clothes! Lets go!!!" (OK, so, she was just repeating, "let's go" over and over, but I'm sure she was thinking the rest of it :) And no, I did not require a hat today... she just found it in her dress up tote and decided to wear it all day long.
And after all that changing clothes, Karis decided to wear a rain jacket and you couldn't see her bathing suit anyways :) I added some bubbly dish detergent to their water and they had a blast washing their play dishes and baby dolls for well over an hour! But they were so excited and focused that they wouldn't look at the camera for anything!

After naps, I sent them back outside to "paint" the deck with water. Karlie finished first, so she started bringing out books to read beside Karis. I'm so thankful they like to be with each other so much!

Then they decided to read together :)
Karlie thinks an outside day is the best day ever!

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Lauren said...

This cracked me up because Savannah also fusses that her spring clothes aren't the same. Every time we put on a skirt without tights or a short-sleeved shirt, she says "but my arms and legs will be freezing!" even when it is 80 degrees. Haha, our girls are too funny. I sure wish you lived closer!