Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Abbi Grace at 6 weeks

At six weeks, Abbi Grace is developing quite the personality! She grins and coos at whomever is paying her attention and is simply stinking cute :)
Abbi has gotten into a more regular night-time sleeping habit now... I feed her and put her to bed around 10pm and she usually just wakes up around 2am and 5 am and then is up for the day around 8am. (If you call staying awake for 45 minutes before her next nap "up for the day" :) She is doing better about going right back to sleep, which is such a relief!
Abbi loves to play on her back and watch everything going on around her. She will just kick and coo and smile. She especially loves it when Karlie sits down next to her and "reads" and sings to her. However, Abbi does not really like "tummy time" and has therefore learned how to roll over just to spite me when I try to make her play on her tummy! It is really funny to watch her roll over because she always looks so surprised afterwards.
Abbi still cannot stay awake for much more than an hour at a time... by the time I finish nursing, burping, and changing her, she usually only has about 15 or 20 minutes of playtime left in her. When she is tired, she starts flailing her arms and legs like crazy and if I don't wrap her up quickly or give her a paci, she will start to fuss. But she loves her swaddle and it is like she breathes a big sigh of relief once she is tight and snug :) Have I mentioned that I LOVE the miracle blanket? It costs more than other swaddles, but is totally worth it. There is no velcro to go bad, just the weight of her body keeping her tight. Brilliant! And now that Abbi is burping and spitting up less, she is sleeping nicely on her back again.

Oh how I love that sweet face!

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