Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Abbi Grace at 1 month

Abbi Grace, you are a month old! I can hardly believe it!

You weigh 10 pounds; still a nice little chunky monkey whose cheeks I can't stop kissing :) Newborn clothes are too tight now and I wish I had not bought so many newborn diapers because they really don't fit you anymore!

You usually eat every 3 hours during the day, every other hour in the evening, and about every 4 hours at night.

You are sleeping in your own room now and it has seemed to help ... 4 hour stretches are wonderful! (Although it still seems to take you quite a while to settle back down and stop burping. But I usually only have to get up twice a night now, which is much nicer :)

You smile a lot now, mostly at me when I talk and play with you; it never fails to make my day! You also "talk" to me and make the funniest/cutest little noises.

Some nights you are calm and will take your evening nap and other nights you are restless and need to be snuggled. But thankfully, you are never really fussy.

You are such a noisy eater and sleeper that it never fails to make me laugh :)

You are so sweet and I just wish I could hold you all day long!

Oh, how I love this sweet smile!
"talking" to Mama :)

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