Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life with Abbi at 12 days old

Oh, Abbi, you are such a sweet baby! I could kiss those chubby cheeks about a hundred times a day, probably more. Your Daddy laughs at how much I talk to you and sing to you and can't believe I can think of so much to chat with you about. He just doesn't understand that I've been doing it for the past nine months and it is simply second nature now. Plus, you really smile at me like you understand everything I say!
You absolutely love to eat and to snuggle, but sleeping at night just ins't your thing yet. You just can't stand to be on your back. It makes you burp and gurgle and get all mad. You love the swing and the boppy and sleeping on your stomach. And since I'm right beside you, checking on you all the time, I figure I might as well let you sleep the way you like to so we both can get some sleep!
Oh, how that smile makes me melt! I'm so glad to have been able to catch it a few times on camera! You even do it in your sleep all the time:
You may not like to sleep at night, but everytime I want to feed you, you take a couple big gulps and get drunk and conk out just like this:

I have to undress you and change your diaper and massage my lotion all over you to get you to wake up and eat. But I enjoy every minute of it!!


Kristie said...

John Amos is sleeping on his stomach, too. It's the difference between 1.5 hour stretches at night and 3-4 hour stretches at night. She's a cutie, love those smiles!

Lauren said...

Brooklyn slept on her stomach in the NICU, so when I got her home, that is all she wanted to do! The pediatrician told me it was fine since we didn't have any other risk factors (smoking was one, I don't remember the others) for SIDS. I say go with it if you get sleep! :) She is precious.

frank & kristin said...

Meg, I just wanted to say a big congratulations to your new bundle of joy. She is so precious. I am in awe at how much she is smiling in all her pictures! That must melt your heart. What a beautiful blessing children are from God!