Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Some random things I am thankful for:

... playdough and stickers -- my girls will play with them for a long time!

... a freezer stocked with breakfast food -- so glad Abbi waited till I felt better and finished my baking to-do list! Because who wants to think about what to make for breakfast when you are sleep-deprived and would rather just snuggle with a newborn? :)

... pretty days so that I can take my girls on walks -- After a week of barely getting off the couch, I figure I better try to get my lungs working again so I'll be ready for delivery. Plus, this crazy girl has not even dropped yet, so maybe walking will move things along! But I'm trying to be patient -- I want her to be fat and happy so I'm in no hurry for her to come till she is ready! (Oh, but it would be so nice to breathe again and have a happy back once more :)

... that my husband doesn't mind cutting my toenails -- because you know there is no way that I can reach them!

... that Mark gets "nesting" as well and starts fixing and cleaning and painting and upgrading everything in the house! Because my "nesting" primarily has to do with baking and washing baby clothes (cleaning is NOT my favorite thing!)

... that my girls go to bed by 7pm every night -- because as much as I love them, there is just no way that I can find the energy to take care of them past that time!

... that I KNOW that God has perfect timing and I don't have to worry about the fact that I'm 5 days away from my due date and she still hasn't dropped. Such a relief to know that I can relax and just wait for her to be all ready!

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