Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Update

First, I apologize that I haven't posted much about the girls lately. We have just been staying home and getting the house ready for baby and not taking pictures or doing anything interesting :)

I had my 39.5 week check-up yesterday and all was well. All our stats are great, baby's head is down and we are just waiting. I have contractions all the time, but nothing regular enough to even think of timing and they have been that way for a couple of weeks. So who knows! She might just be waiting for her due date to make sure that she has her Daddy's attention instead of the Superbowl :) You know, to set his priorities straight from the beginning... Ha! My folks are coming to visit this weekend and it would sure be nice if she decided to come while they are here! But, like I've said before, I want her fat and happy so it is ok if she decides to grow a little more. And don't even mention inducing -- not going to happen! I want a natural birth and am willing to wait as long as it takes! But my house is ready and I feel ready, so I am practicing patience right now. I can't wait to find out what her birth story will be like... it is just so exciting to know that she could come at any time!

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Micha said...

So exciting! She will come when she is ready, thats for sure. And most likely during Superbowl. Lol. I'm praying that it all goes extremely well for you.