Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Abbi's 2-week check-up and silly faces

Abbi had her 2-week check-up today and I have to say, I was really excited about her weight. (For background info, my babies usually come out fairly big, but never gain tons of weight at a time, so their charts are always messed up because they usually go down in percentages :) But Miss Abbi has been eating up a storm and actually gained right at a pound in just a week! Which put her at 90% for weight! I've never had such a chunky baby! Now, I'm sure she won't stay there and she will probably drop off the charts just like her big sisters once she gets busy and starts crawling, (Or probably once she starts sleeping better at night, ha,ha!) but it did my heart good to know that all that hard work of keeping her awake to get full feedings had paid off so much! The doc said her reflexes and heart and everything else looked good as well, so I was thankful for such a good check-up!

It is just so much fun to see her smile!
And here she is "talking" to me :)
Such a sweetie!
This face makes me laugh so hard!
And just because a sleeping baby is ever so precious:
Don't you just want to kiss those chubby cheeks? Over and over?


Lauren said...

She is seriously precious. I loved the funny faces! And yay for a chunky baby! Brooklyn had a really chunky stage and it was so much fun. Then she started crawling and has slimmed down a good bit. Oh well!

Rachel said...

LOVE these pictures! You're a fabulous photographer. And Abbi makes SUCH good faces! :)