Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Short-lived potty training...

I just had to be honest about this one :)

So, we got back from our travels and I knew that if I wanted to potty train Karlie before the baby came, I would only have a month to do it. So we tried it. For just a day :) Karlie did really well and I really think she is ready and she could get it if I just had about 3 straight days where I could focus on her... and if it didn't kill my back so much to clean up failed attempts. She made it to the bathroom several times, and to the potty twice! But I just couldn't do it. I seriously hurt more that first night after potty training than any other night. I can't pick her up and rush her to the potty when I see that she needs to go. Bending over is not my thing right now; it straight out hurts. And our schedule is crazy right now... I just couldn't find consecutive days to do it! OB apts (45 minutes away) every single week, chiro apts every other week, along with our other normal weekly outings and other things I am doing to get ready for Miss Abbi to show up when she decides to. Whew! I'll be glad for this baby to come simply because it will make me stay at home!!

Karlie happens to love her new underwear (of course!), so for now, I am letting her try to go potty in the mornings and if she succeeds, then she gets to wear them for 20 minutes. If she goes again, she can put them back on, but if not, then we use the cloth diapers (which are easy for her to get off if she decides to try to make it to the potty.) I figure that gives her a chance to continue learning to use the potty but takes the pressure off of me having to watch her every second and hurt my back cleaning up failed attempts. She loves to sit on the potty with Karis in the mornings -- they read to each other and usually sing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs :) Oh, and did I mention that I found a cheap babydoll potty at Target that actually flushes? Yeah, it was a pretty big hit :) So we've been trying to have fun with potty training this time around

And in case you are wondering, I do not expect to try again to fully potty train Karlie til at least April (and only then if we've made it past the sleep-deprived state of having a newborn :) But until then, I will enjoy the cuteness of these pics of our day when we tried but Mama was too tired :)

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