Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The last of the Christmas pictures!

We enjoyed spending the 2nd half of our Christmas break at my parents' house and had so much fun.

Karlie was utterly obsessed with this pair of kissing snowmen (if you put their lips together, they light up and jingle and say, "I love you!") and made them kiss over and over again...
They were both very excited about the little tree Grandma put out for them to play with and decorate over and over :)
Even Pup-pup got into the festive spirit and allowed us to put reindeer antlers on her!
Karlie helped EVERYONE open their presents :)
They were super excited about their new doll house -- they were so immediately focused that I couldn't even get a single picture of them looking at the camera!
Karlie immediately wanted to put on her new church dress and dress-up crown and vest over top of her snowmen pajamas :)
What a fun time celebrating with family!

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