Sunday, January 16, 2011

Karlie's birthday celebration!

Karlie's actual birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated this weekend with the grandparents. We had a blast! Karis was actually more excited than Karlie, because she remembered past birthday celebrations. While they were reading books together in their rooms after first waking up in the morning, we heard Karis excitedly telling Karlie that it was her birthday and exactly what was going to happen and Karlie said, "O-tay!" But once Karlie realized all her grandparents were here and there were decorations and balloons and presents, she got pretty excited as well!

Still a little groggy and snuggly after her nap... everyone got here and we decorated during nap time, so she was pretty amazed :)

Once she got ahold of the balloon, she started dancing around and squealing... and the excitement and energy continued for the rest of the night!
I love that grin!
Nina brought some of Daddy's old books, so we read them while waiting for Aunt Terra and Baby Cademon to get here
I love my mother-in-law! So blessed!
Karis wanted to hold Cademon, who is quite a large baby :) She did great, though!
Karlie came over to check him out as well.
Since I am so far along in my pregnancy, I decided to do this party as easy as possible and not to try to make a cake with the girls. I missed it, but Dairy Queen sure makes a fabulous cake! Karlie had picked out a puppy tablecloth and was pretty excited about her "puppy party."
"So 'cited" about the confetti on the table!
She wasn't quite sure what to think of the candles, though :)
But Karis loved them!
Family pic before blowing out the candles...
We love our baby girl!
She tried to blow them out...
...but needed a little help
Once it was in front of her, we couldn't get any more smiles -- this girl was totally focused and engrossed on eating her ice cream cake!
There's that toothy grin again!
Snuggling with Grandma....
And getting tickled!
Trying out her new trike
Reading with Nina before bed...
You gotta love the tutu on the trike!

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