Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wouldn't wish the flu on my worst enemy. But God was gracious to us throughout it all and I thought I'd share some reasons I've been thankful the past week:

... That Mark and I came down with it at different times -- I took care of him and the girls for the first three days, and then he took care of the girls so I could rest. I really don't know how we would have made it through if we had come down at the same time. It's not like I could beg for babysitters since we were so contagious!

... For a wonderful church family who jumped to not only pray for us, but bring us meals. I sent out a short e-mail in the morning and within few hours, I already had 3 offers for dinner that night!

... for a great doula (who is also a midwife) that I could call when I had questions and know that she likes to do things as naturally as possible. I was afraid to call my OB for fear they would want to see me or tell me to go to the emergency room because of my fever. I knew it wasn't necessary (I kept myself plenty hydrated, baby was still kicking up a storm, and I was keeping close handle on my fever) and I appreciated having my doula's advice while I stayed at home to rest.

... that I had washed all the baby stuff the week before! I can't imagine having that laundry to do in addition to what piled up while we were so sick!

... for my great holistic care doctor who was willing to chat with me over the phone and give me suggestions for naturally dealing with the flu, as well as fix me some colloidal silver and flu remedy for Mark to pick up.

... and most of all, that Abbi Grace was quite obedient and showed no signs of even wanting to come out while we were so miserable!

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