Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting close!

We are officially down to the last month of pregnancy and feeling the excitement of not knowing when Miss Abbi Grace will decide to appear! I personally prefer my babies fat and happy, so I'm not one who wishes for an early baby (although I must say it would be nice to be able to breathe again, sleep on my stomach, forget about my back-ache, and eat food after 9pm without regretting it when I lay down to sleep 2 hours later :). Karlie was only a week early, so I'm hoping Abbi will stay in at least til then. (Plus, I have a long list of things I'd like to accomplish before she arrives!) But I must say that I'm eager to meet her!

I had an OB apt today that was ever so exciting!

First of all, I came back Strep B negative, which is a HUGE answer to prayer because now they have no reason to have to stick an IV in my arm and I don't have to be labeled crazy and ridiculous for trying to get rid of it naturally and refusing the antibiotic. It will just make everything so much easier!

Secondly, I finally met one of the midwives that I have been trying to get an appointment with for the past 36 weeks! She is almost always on call and so it is very likely she will deliver my baby! I shared my birth plan with her (if you want to read it, click HERE) and she was actually excited about it!! She said, "Yay, now I finally get to be a midwife!!" She said that out of over a thousand babies she has delivered, only about 20 of them have been med-free. She didn't have a problem with anything on my birth plan, although she warned me that several of the nurses might not be happy with it. But she encouraged me to not give into them. I cannot tell you how encouraging it was to talk with her, especially how at my last birth I got into battle after battle about my natural wishes. So I'm pumped about it and feel good about my birth plan and the midwife group I have chosen!

We've been super busy at our house getting ready... It has really been so much fun! I had no idea the girls would get so excited about all the preparations. The girls talk about Abbi all day long and have had so much fun helping me wash her clothes and get her room ready. Karis seriously wants to look at each article of clothing individually and talk about how much Abbi is going to like it and how cute it is. Then she gives it to Karlie who wants to carry it around the house and show anyone who is around (Daddy, kitty, etc) and tell them it is for Abbi Grace. Oh, they are so precious in their excitement for her!

So this week is "get the baby room and clothes ready" week, then we have Karlie's birthday this weekend (Can you believe that she will be 2?!?!), and next week I hope to get a lot of cooking and baking done and put into the freezer so I will have nourishing food after she is born. After that, she is welcome to come anytime!! Oh, it is just so exciting!


Micha said...

I am glad your midwife approves of your birth plan. Why on earth anyone should have to battle a person about their own wishes is just plain crazy. And on a side note, you might like to change your profile to say - I'm a wife and Mommy, and delete the 'just' outta there! I am forever being told off for saying 'it's just me' and am learning to say 'it's me' instead ... lol

Renee said...

Yaay for all the happy news! I'm so glad that things are falling into place for y'all. I'm praying for you :)