Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And she shall be called...

I know, I know; I can't believe that it took us this long to settle on a name, either :) Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? :) We thought about just not worrying about it and deciding once we met her, but I was afraid it would stress me out during labor and stall things :) Here is a short clip from the girls telling you the baby's name:

So how/why did we come up with it? It kind of came from the girls... they really love the Shirley Hughes books about Alfie and Annie Rose and one time when I was asking the girls what we should name the baby, they started chanting "Annie Rose." Mark and I weren't sold on Annie, but Abbi was similar and just as easy for them to say. The girls really liked it and said it over and over and it just stuck :)

All of our girls have middle names from family members ("Lynn" comes from my middle name and Mark's mother's name; "Sue" comes from my mom's name.) So I wanted the baby to have a family name as well. I also wanted it to be one syllable -- I don't now why, but I just like names where the first is two syllables and the second is just one. We chose "Grace" because we like it and because Karis' name means grace. Karis really wanted me to have a baby and prayed every single day for over a month for "God to put a baby in Mama's belly!" So I thought it only appropriate that the baby be named after her :) Her actual name will be Abigail Grace DeLong, but we will call her Abbi because it is easier for the girls to say (and really, just because we think it is cute! :) So there you have it!


Lauren said...

That might be the cutest video ever, and I love the name! Savannah has a little girl in her class at school named Addi-Rose and I thought that was cute. Abigail is such a pretty name, and she will always know that Karis prayed for her!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the name!!


Anonymous said...

The extended DeLong family is going to have 2 Abbi/Abbys now...Dennis' daughter is Abigale (Abby) Grace Light and now we will have Abigail (Abbi) Grace DeLong! Different spellings though! :) We are so happy for your whole family!

Amy (Light) Grammer