Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Karis...

"Did you know that all stuffed animals are girls?"

"I'm so excited! My legs have gotten strong! I am so tall that I cannot reach my toes!!!" (I haven't had the heart to break it to her that it just means she isn't very flexible :)

Me: Wow; what a big mouthful!
Karis: Yes, but I have a big mouth to chew it all up like Daddy. I like to be big like Daddy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daddy love

Karis is never more content than when she has daddy's lap to herself...

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Every. Last. Drop.

We recently went to the pumpkin patch with friends (more pics to come once I have time to go through them all!) and we finished up our visit with some awesome freshly made ice cream. I though this sequence of pictures of Karlie trying to get every last drop off her spoon was pretty cute :)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Baking Day :)

My girls love baking day and they always end up looking like this! They love to eat any oats or dough that didn't make it in the oven and it is quite a task to keep them from licking their spoons while stirring :) I think on this particular day we made granola, bread, tortillas, and strawberry bread for the month.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday ramblings...

I'm still so excited from our ultrasound yesterday that my thoughts are rambling today... I'm in that "oh-so-excited" state where all I want to do is look at cute little baby stuff online... but then I remember that I have no time for such pleasures since I have 2 other munchkins running around and that I really have everything I could possibly need for a little girl so there is not much point in it :) I do wish to get away from all the plastic this time around, so the only things I have really found to put on my Amazon baby registry are wooden, more natural teething type items. And I think I want to try an amber teething necklace for her and see if that helps once teething gets underway. We are truly blessed to have a ridiculous amount of adorable girly baby clothes! But don't think that means that I'm not going to going to get excited about the awesome consignment sale coming to Mark's work in 2 weeks!

Still no names yet. At all. Not even one. Such a big decision. Do we stick with K names or branch out? My two other girls' "Kar" names were completely unintentional; we just liked them and didn't even think about the similarities til later. If we keep the trend this time than we really should continue it for any other children (which is a bit of pressure :), but if not, will this baby wonder why she didn't get a "K" name? At this point, I think we will take any name that sounds good to both of us, regardless of its beginning letter, simply because we are having such trouble thinking of any!!!

We visited the hospital where I'm supposed to give birth yesterday as well. I really wanted to do a home birth for so many reasons, but paying $3000.00 out of pocket for such a luxury when insurance would pay for everything at the hospital just doesn't work in our budget right now :) We plan to change insurance to get a homebirth covered next time around, but this time I'm just going to a birthing center. So I'm using a mid-wife practice that seems to be well-suited for my natural preferences and a smaller, good-natured birthing center that seemed amiable to my wishes as well. So hopefully I won't run into any of the problems I did at the humongous hospital I used last time. I am hoping to use the midwife I wanted for my homebirth as my doula and hopefully she will be able to make sure that my Birth Plan is respected. So I am content with the arrangements now and it seems so much more "real" after seeing the ultrasound and visiting the hospital! Oh, and one of the best parts about this hospital is that it right next to a Cracker Barrel! No yucky hospital food for me! My biggest fear right now is the 45 minute drive -- I want to labor in the comfort of my home home as long as possible, but I have to get to the hospital before transition hits because that would be oh, so much more miserable in the car! But I know God is in control and He will get me through it regardless :)

We have such fun weekends ahead of us and I am just so excited! Friends coming to visit this weekend, a fabulous get-away wedding the next, my favorite consignment sale after that, and then our own anniversary weekend! Still haven't figured out where we are going, so if you have any suggestions let me know. We didn't get to go away last year because I was nursing and we won't be able to get away next year because I'll be nursing, so I really want to do something nice THIS year while we can!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Karis tells about our ultrasound

We finally got to see our baby today! Karis was super excited about seeing the baby on the computer and Karlie was more than a little worried about me being on the table. But all is well and this little sweetie is just the right size for my due date!

Karis wanted to tell you about the baby and as you will see, she is still a little in denial:
Take 1:

So she tried again:
Take 2:

Mark and I are super excited to add another precious girl to our family! Karlie has no clue and Karis is very excited, even though she likes to to tease and pretend that it is a boy :) We are so thankful for a perfectly healthy baby! Oh, I can't wait to meet this little blessing!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This week I am grateful for...
... a husband who likes to climb on the slides with the girls :)

...that Karis finally agreed to let me braid her hair! She is such a creature of habit and doesn't like doing anything different (I'm sure you've noticed the pink headband in every single picture for the past 6 months! :). But her hair is getting longer and the little clips and headband aren't keeping it out of her face well and it bugs her. (But don't even mention cutting it -- she and I will both flip on you! :) Yesterday, when she complained, I offered to braid it for her and she let me! I did a pitiful job (I definitely need practice!!!) but she was excited about it and so was I! But don't think that means she is ready to let go of that pink headband... :)

... That we have some super favorite friends coming to visit this weekend! Can't wait to see Mary and Samy and little Evi!

... for beautiful fall mornings! (Notice that I did say "mornings" because it is still stinking hot in the afternoon!) But we are once again loving our morning walks and getting excited about fall!

...for grandparents who take my girls out and give me a nice relaxing morning! Oh, I had such a nice Saturday!

... For friends like Lindsey and Kirstie who played with my girls on Monday morning and allowed me to go to the chiro without having to chase the girls around the office and do my errands in peace and even sneak in a wonderful surprise lunch date with my husband!

... That we seem (for the most part :) to have gotten Karlie over her "whiny" stage and she now understands that it is just not gonna fly in this house! Whew! Last week was quite the training week and it wore me out!!! But this week has been very peaceful so far and I'm praying it means she got the message :)

... that tomorrow is our BIG ULTRASOUND and we get to see our precious baby for the first time and FIND OUT IF WE ARE HAVING A BOY OR A GIRL BABY!!!! (Can you tell that I am excited? :) If you haven't placed your bet yet, now is your last chance because I am closing the poll tomorrow right before I post about our ultrasound.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cousins at the park

My parents took my girls and my brothers' boys to the park on Saturday
and they had a blast! Here are a few pictures from their walk:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More singing :)

We sing every night with the girls before going to bed and on Wednesday nights, our Bible study joins us. Here are clips from the girls' two favorite songs right now. Karlie will go around pointing to her face, begging to sing the "smile" song every single night. And Karis will want to sing at least 3 verses of the fruit of the Spirit song and will just never stop unless you make her :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday :)

I recently came across this picture that I took in September last year. It was one of my favorites then and it is so amazing to see how much the girls have changed! Karis' hair is probably twice as long now and Karlie doesn't look like a baby at all anymore! It makes me wonder what our family will look like next year at this time!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Karlie Sue at 19 months

I suddenly realized that Karlie is not going to be 19 months much longer so I had better go ahead and post about it!

I think the biggest word to describe her this month is opinionated :) And not always in a bad way, but the girl knows what she wants and we had best figure it out! She has "words" for so many things, but sometimes they are dificult to figure out. Here's a great example from a couple of nights ago:

Mark was putting Karlie to bed, and after a few minutes, he called me in the room and asked me to please tell him what "ele, ele, ele, ele" means because Karlie wouldn't stop saying it and
begging for it. Immediately, I knew it was a favorite book about an elephant that she wanted him to read to her. So he read he the book and put her in bed, but then she started hollering for Mama. This was unusual, because she normally goes right to sleep, so I went in to check on her. She was wailing "oo-oo, eee-eee" over and over again. I tried for the longest time to figure it out and then had to call Mark in. "Oh, she wants her monkey pajamas," he said immediately. As soon as I asked her if that was what she wanted, she grinned and said yes and (after I explained that they were in the washing machine) she went right to sleep. But I'm pretty sure she would have yelled, "oo-oo-ee-ee" all night long til we figured it out :)

Karlie is obsessed with talking about her Papas and she will ask about them all day long and often fuss when I tell her they aren't here. Thank goodness they come to visit often! She is also obsessed with my home-made granola and I have to keep the pantry closed or she will beg for it all day long. She is loving this fall weather and wants to be outside all the time. Yesterday, when she got up from her nap, I told her we were going to go outside after a quick snack. She was so excited about going outside that she utterly refused the snack and screamed at the door while the rest of us ate ours. She was so upset that we weren't going out immediately!

Karlie also has a "no" obsession, which is so funny because Karis hardly ever said it at her age. Karis used to answer "yes" to every question, regardless of the answer. And now Karlie answers "no" to everything! But I have no doubt as to where she got it, because I hear Karis telling her "no" all day long. Karis definitely enjoys her role as a big sister and LOVES telling Karlie what to do! So Karlie tries to get her own "no" in there whenever she gets the chance!

This age is so much fun, but sometimes quite difficult due to the fussing and stubborn desire to get her own way. So we have really been working on it. With Karlie, I have found that she will continue crying about something forever, no matter how long I ignore it or spank her (after initially telling her no.) So I have found that the best thing to do with her is take her in her room and tell her that she can either fuss in here by herself or come out and play with us as a happy girl. Usually she will get control of herself and march right out a happy girl.

Because for the most part, Karle enjoys life and has so much fun every second that she is awake! She loves to play games with anyone who will take an interest in her, although if it is a new place, she will cling to my legs for a while. She loves to say "hi" to everyone and especially wants to do anything that Karis is doing. This crazy girl keeps me busy and I love her so much!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Questions with Karis

I recently bought this child's version of the shorter catechism to do with Karis each morning and we have had such fun together! We made a game out of it with the play microphone and I love hearing her repeat such foundational truths about God. Try to ignore Karlie' s loud babbeling in the background as you hear Karis answer some of her questions :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun playdate at the interactive fountains!

We joined our friends Cheryl and Baby Allie today at the mall to play in the interactive fountains. I wasn't sure what to expect, because everytime I've been by the mall, the fountains were super busy. But we went at 10am and there was no one there but us! Karis thought it was the most fun ever because she never knew where the water was going to pop up next. She especially liked backing into the fountain and washing her back and bum :) It took Karlie and Allie a while to get into the fun, but eventually, they were all running around together. Such a fun playdate, and free, too!

Friday, September 3, 2010


"You have to shut the door, Mama. Karlie and I are just hanging out a little. Don't forget to shut the door!" (she is only 3... should I be worried? :)

"Karlie is the "no"-ing-est baby ever!" (Because Karlie responds "no" to every question you ask her :)

"It is beautiful, but I cannot tell you why!" (talking about a play house made from noddles and connectors that she was really excited about. )

"When I get bigger, I can give Kitty some water and wear make-up and I can hold glasses, too!" (Oh, the things you look forward to when you are 3 :)

Me: Karis, why did you make such a big mess?
Karis: We wanted to praise God, so we made a big mess!
(picture cat food flung everywhere in joyful abandon... )

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to guess!

In less than a month, we will find out whether we are having a boy or girl baby! I simply can't wait! Although we considered keeping the gender a surprise, we have come to realize that it would be good for Karis to know the gender of the baby ahead of time... she just had a baby boy cousin born and is expecting another boy cousin in October, and is therefore thoroughly convinced that this baby MUST be a boy baby! (even though we are apparently very good at making girl babies!) And of course, many other days she tells me that we are having a girl baby AND a boy baby and just yesterday, she told me that we are having THREE babies! I told her Mama probably couldn't handle three babies at once and she said,"that's ok; Daddy can handle three babies!" Anyways, you get the point. We just want Karis to be prepared and excited for whatever is growing inside my belly.

So with less than a month left to wonder, I decided to make a little game for everyone to cast their votes... What do you think? Will I be the ecstatic mother of three precious girls? Or will we venture into the crazy world of testosterone? Please let me know what you think and I will post about the winner after the birth. Here is the link:
I'll close voting bright and early on September 22, the day we find out the gender of the baby. And then we'll have 20 weeks to simmer and wait for the winner :)

I know you are all wondering what I think this baby is or if we are "hoping" for one or the other. So here's the deal (as my Karis would say :). We are not hoping for a boy this time around, just as we are not hoping for a girl. We are simply praying for a completely healthy baby! I can honestly say that another sweet girl would be wonderful. It would be amazing (almost a dream come true! :) to be a mother to three girls! Plus, we have everything we could possibly need (and more :) for a girl. On the other hand, I'm sure I'd love to be a Mama to a boy just as much and I've always wanted to have a boy at some point. Maybe a boy baby would actually look like his Mama, since all my girls came out looking like Mark :) And I'd love the excuse to go shopping for newborn clothes again :) So really, I have no preference whatsoever.

And do I have "feeling" about this baby? No; I never had those with any of my babies. I will say my morning sickness was ten times worse this time around, which is different from my last pregnancy and might indicate a boy, but most people say morning sickness is worse with girls, so who knows. And my belly popped out way faster this time, which could mean I'm carrying the baby differently, indicating a boy, but it is also my third child, so my belly really should pop out faster, right? So I'm no help. I'm guessing another girl just because that seems to be what we do best but I really have no foundation for such a belief and it is not really a strong guess. But I'd love to hear what you think!