Thursday, June 24, 2010

Karlie Sue at 17 months

Almost year and a half? This girl is growing up too fast :) Thank goodness she still gives hugs and kisses and snuggles!

At 17 months, Karlie Sue...

Absolutely LOVES to tickle! She makes a hilarious little noise when she is tickling you and I have to admit, it really does tickle. And nobody is safe, although she particularly loves to attack toes that are peeking out from under blankets or my neck if she is strapped to me in the Ergo. She will randomly decide to tickle Karis and Karis just thinks it is the funniest thing ever.

Successfully gave up sucking her blanket to sleep after only 3 nights of miserable screaming. She was flat out mad for a while, but eventually got used to going to sleep on her own. Whew!

Loves to sing! Very loudly, unintelligibly, and not particularly musically, but it is absolutely hysterical to listen to. When we go outside and swing together, Karis and I will be singing our favorite hymns sweetly together and Karlie will be yelling at the top of her lungs, trying to sing right along with us. I love it!

Has been found sitting on the kitchen table several times... I don't know if she is trying to copy Pup-pup or what, but she is much more of a climber than Karis was. I keep forgetting and allowing her to go into the kitchen by herself, and she always ends up on the table. (And yes, she is disciplined for it, but it is evidently worth the pain :)

Is obsessed with balloons, bubbles, water bottles, puzzles, shoes, books, and anything that has a top she can take on and off

Still will not take treats or treasures from a stranger, but has no fear of jumping into a new situation

Wants to do absolutely EVERYTHING Karis does and truly believes that she is big enough to do it (and I'm sure that will only continue as she grows :)

Is just absolutely adorable and is an utter joy to me!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

My girls :)

Even if Mama wasn't feeling so hot, my girls have managed to have plenty of fun. They are so cute playing together and make me smile no matter how crummy I feel. We usually try to get just one toy out at a time and put it up before getting another, but last week I just let them go crazy and destroy the house while I crashed on the couch. And they seemed to really enjoy that extra bit of freedom :)

Poor Karlie Sue. She is so attached to this little bear blankie and she sucks on it to put herself to sleep. I wash it all the time, but it never gets completely clean because it is always wet. I finally couldn't stand it anymore (it was so gross it made my pregnant belly turn every time I saw it) and decided she was old enough to put herself to sleep without sucking. So I rashly cut off all of the edges of her blankie. We are on day three and she is still screaming herself to sleep :( Mark keeps threatening to buy her a new one but I'm determined that she will get the hang of it soon. We threw away Karis' paci at 15 months and it wasn't nearly as traumatic. But Karlie is a good bit more strong-willed than Karis and she is just flat out MAD about it. Poor little sweetie; I sure hope she gets used to it soon!

Oh, how I love these silly girls!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts... we've been without internet for the past week. But I'm probably not going to be posting as much for the next few weeks. I absolutely HAVE to sleep during my girls naps or I just can't make it. Morning sickness has hit me like a freight train and I'm not doing much other than resting on the couch these days. I'm not complaining, though, just being honest. I'm still ever so thankful to have a precious baby growing in my belly! 8 weeks of miserableness is a small price to pay for a lifetime of joy and blessing :) My husband is absolutely amazing and doing everything from cleaning to cooking to taking care of the girls. He even has to bring me breakfast in bed so I can eat before sitting up or I'll be too sick to get it down. (Have I mentioned that God blessed me with a wonderful husband? I am so grateful!) My OB told me to stop taking my vitamins and see if I can hold my food down better and so far, it has helped some. So I am hopeful that I won't be couch-bound for the rest of my first trimester! Well, my girls are destroying Mark's office, so I'd better run (picture brightly colored paper flying all over the office :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 playset is too high...

Not sure how she is going to get down, but she sure is happy to be up there!

Monday, June 7, 2010

She cracks me up....

"I don't want to see alligators!!!!! But we might see pink alligators; I LIKE pink alligators!"

"I'm crying because I need my Daddy." (Spoken in surprise by a perfectly happy Karis who discovered a tear from her eye after sneezing and couldn't figure out why else it would be there :)

(After Daddy told her to clean up) "Kitty, can you put these in the box? Can you obey Daddy?"

To Grandma, who was helping Karis get dressed: "This is the deal: I have to wear shorts under my dress!!!" (Can you tell that we are working on modesty around here?

"Are we going to wash Katie's diapers at the shower?" (After I told her I was taking the diapers to a diaper shower for our friend Katie :)

"It is a pink worm, so it must be a girl because it is pink!!!"

"Mama had a hole in her?" (Spoken very concerned after overhearing me tell Daddy he could have the last chicken strip because I had half of the girls' and a "whole one" myself)

Karis: Maybe we'll see a cantaloupe on our trip!!!
Me: A cantaloupe?
Karis: Yeah, it's kinda like a deer
Me: do you mean an antelope?
Karis: Oh, yeah.
Me: Where did you hear of an antelope?
Karis: It's a kind of kiss!
(Daddy gives all kinds of animal kisses every night before bed :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

random details and thoughts

Tomorrow I will be officially 5 weeks pregnant! Wohoo! The due date is currently February 6, although I am sure they will change it after my 8 week ultrasound; they always do :)

I changed my OB and hospital hoping to find a practice more sympathetic and catering to my natural birth wishes. This one is a mid-wife practice that delivers at a birthing center and I've heard only good things about it. So I'm hoping I made the right decision.

No morning sickness yet! It usually doesn't kick in for me til the 6th week. Right now I'm just tired and hungry constantly and feel icky and light-headed if I get too hot or don't eat often enough. I have a humongous list of food to try to make and freeze before morning sickness kicks in, but am lacking the energy to do it (and all the dishes!!!!!)

We have no idea whether we will find out the gender of this baby. I promise you, we are not trying to be dramatic; we are just utterly indecisive again! Last time, I wanted to find out, but Mark wanted to tease me and make we wait. Then he gave in at the ultrasound. This time, I am leaning more towards having the surprise, but he wants to find out! (Anyone else think that he just likes to tease me by picking the opposite stance? ha, ha :) But he says I'm still going to be super excited at birth whether or not I know the gender ahead of time, so why not have some excitement in the middle if the pregnancy? Which I totally agree with. So odds are that we will find out. (Because he is always the only one decisive enough to make the decision in the end.) But I still think it would be fun to wait.

Don't ask me if I have a "feeling" about what this baby will be, because I have never, ever had any "feeling" one way or the other in any of my pregnancies. I just don't know how anyone can know! I will say that this is the first time we have ever thought of a boy name that we like, but that doesn't really mean anything. Plus, we planned on calling Karlie something totally different if she was a girl until we found out she was a girl, and then we threw it out and called her Karlie! So even if we have a boy, odds are that we won't even use the one name we have come up with!

I'm super jealous of all those women who start showing as soon as they find out! If this pregnancy is anything like my last two, it will be another 3 months before I get that sweet baby bump. It is so sad, because I like my summer maternity clothes much more than my regular old summer clothes that I've had for years :)

I have been thanking God so much for His perfect timing of this pregnancy... I would have liked to have been pregnant sooner, but boy would that have had a miserable beach trip if I had been sick with morning sickness already! We probably would not have even attempted such a long trip without grandparents. And it has been so nice that Karlie is older and more independent than Karis was when I was pregnant. Karlie actually wants (demands!) to walk everywhere, rather than begging me to carry her. And I think (hope) it will be actually do-able to get her potty-trained and in Karis' room before the baby is born, since she will already be 2.

I have been super proud of Karis! I knew she would be excited about the baby, but there was one thing that was worrying me: I have to stop picking her up and carrying her around. (Yes, I know she is a big 3-year old, but she is a snuggle-bug and I LOVE it :) Last time I was pregnant, (and she was a little thing, then) I had some very uncomfortable issues and major back pain because I picked her up too much during the early stages of my pregnancy. (You wouldn't think it would matter before my belly gets huge, but somehow, with all those organs moving around, it does). So shortly after telling her about the baby, I explained that I wouldn't be able to carry her around like I used to. She didn't seem happy about it, but we moved onto other things and I thought she had forgotten about the conversation. The next day after nap time (Karis is a really sound sleeper and usually wakes up startled and emotional) she asked me to carry her into the living room to read books like I always do. I told her that she would need to walk and before I could even say why, she smiled at me and said, "because you have a baby in your belly!" And every time since then, she has responded just as happily and cooperatively. I am so proud of her!

I just realized that this is a super long post... sorry about that... guess I'm more than just a little bit excited!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Karis' Answered Prayer

(Please excuse the horribly messy room; we were in the middle of re-arranging her furniture and clothes when she started talking about this and I grabbed my camera :)

Karis started asking me for this almost everyday, so I told her that if she really wanted one, she should pray and ask God to give us one because blessings like that only come from God. She proceeded to pray about it every single day before nap time ("God, please give Mama a baby in her belly!") She was so excited when I told her that God had answered her prayer! As you can tell, she frequently changes her mind about which one she wants, though :) She often asks God to give us both, but I'm kind of hoping God doesn't choose to answer that one at the same time!

Karlie Sue is pretty excited as well, although she has no idea how much it will rock her little world!

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