Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow fun!

Last night, I noticed on the weather channel that we "might" get some flurries with rain tonight. I thought it would just be a yucky mess. Little did I know that it would be a beautiful afternoon snowfall that was absolutely perfect for packing into snowballs and snowmen! For once, I was impatiently waiting for the girls to wake up for their afternoon naps so I could see their excitement over the snow!

Isn't this picture neat? I thought it was so cool to see my roses blooming in the snow! This picture was taken right after the snow started:
Karis was beyond excited!
They were so fascinated and couldn't stop eating the snow. I know the first snow isn't supposed to be clean, but the girls were so excited about it that I didn't have the heart to tell them to stop eating it...
Picking up more snow to eat...
"Yum, yum, Mama!"

We took an hour break to get warm and then went back out after Daddy got home from work... he was even more excited than the girls because the snow was so good for packing!
More snow eating...
Trying to make a snowball like Daddy :)
"Who, me?
Helping Daddy build the snowman!
Squealing in excitement...
Daddy was so proud of his big snowman! I couldn't get a picture of the front of it because I didn't want my new camera to get wet in the snow (all these pics were taken from the porch).
My pretty roses after a couple of hours of snowfall...

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