Sunday, December 5, 2010

One more romp in the snow...

As soon as Karis woke up this morning, she was excitedly asking to go play in the snow again! She had such a hard time waiting til after breakfast and until everyone else was ready :)

Making "snow angels"
Papa taught her that she could eat the snow off of the bushes and not have to use her hands... not sure how I felt about that, but Karis was pretty tickled with the idea :)
And Karlie had to try out her swing in the snow. It was very difficult to hold on with her mittens, but she kept chanting, "higher, higher!"
Karis enjoyed cleaning the snow off the steps of the slide...
And Karlie thought it was great fun to slide down and land in a big pile of snow!
Since I didn't get a pic of our snowman's face last night, here it is: We didn't have the normal add-ons (like a carrot nose and button eyes), so we used the tops off of some emptied spice bottles I had given the girls for their play kitchen. They were quite happy about their snowman, and it is nice to have him around since the rest of the snow has melted almost completely. I'm curious how long he will last.

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