Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Medal Time at MVP Sports Factory

Well, the winter 1 soccer season ended at MVP, so Mark brought the camera again to take some pics of the girls with their coaches and friends.

Karis really enjoyed the social aspect of soccer more this session -- she often tells me silly things her friends did in class. I was asking her about the girls in her class and she said that they were nice, but "there is a boy that I like the best!" Not at all what I expected to hear! And sure enough we were watching a video that Mark took of her class and I noticed that she had sat down on a spot but then got up and moved to sit next to the "boy that she likes the best!" Oh, my. But I'm glad that she is able to have fun in a class that Daddy is not coaching all the time.

Karlie really enjoys her little class as well and is much more cooperative than Karis was at this stage. She pretty much does everything the coach asks. And she LOVES almost all the activities and gets so excited about the running games and parachute. But don't try to take her picture with her coach or class! She has officially reached the stage where she doesn't want to pose for pictures! She will either scowl or cover her mouth or nose with her hands or a few fingers :)

Karis with her class. Sorry, but her favorite boy wasn't there for the last class so I can't point him out to you :)
Karlie getting ready to kick the squishy ball through my legs... she likes to cheat and "set herself up" for an easy goal :)
Karis kicking down her cone towers -- look at that crazy hair! She took out her ponytail and the static was unbelievable!

My girls love to run!

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