Friday, December 17, 2010

Karlie Sue at 23 months!

I don't really like the title of this post, because 23 months is only a month away from 2 years old! And that definitely doesn't sound like a baby anymore! So hard to believe!

At 23 months, Karlie Sue...
... talks in phrases and short sentences -- Oh, it is so cute to hear what she comes up with! She is so much easier to understand now and I just love to hear her adorable tiny voice. She is still very persistent if she wants something (for instance, to hear "Jingle Bells") and will say it over and over until you either give it to her or discipline her. Karlie knows the name of almost every Christmas song imaginable and it is really fun to her her requesting them throughout the day. Her favorites are undoubtedly "Jingle Bells and Frosty" but she also loves "Manger" and "Bethleham" and "Noel."

...Has become addicted to "I spy" books and is quite good at them! She will sit still for the longest time to find whatever Daddy tells her to look for.

... loves making cookies. Yesterday, we had fun cutting out ornaments with cookie cutters. Karis enjoyed it for the first 20 minutes and then was done. Karlie didn't want to stop an hour later even though we had used up al the dough!

... has been often staying dry between diaper changes so I am wondering of I should attempt to try to potty train her before the baby comes... only have about a month after Christmas traveling so I don't know if I should. But Karlie hates to be wet or stinky and always tells me when she needs a change and is utterly obsessed with all her "potty" books, so I wonder if she could do it. (I think the biggest question is, do I have the energy for it? :)

... finally seems to understand that Mama has a real baby in her belly and will try to "feel" the baby and kiss" the baby regularly.

... still sleeps between 12-13 hours at night and around 2 hours for nap, but takes a LONG time to actually fall asleep because she wants to play!

... Has learned almost all of her letters and numbers from listening to Karis' lessons and is much more interested in them than her big sister. She love to find numbers and letters everywhere and often tells me the page numbers on the bottom of our books. She loves to count and can count to ten with us, but usually counts objects in totally random order, grinning up a storm.

... loves to play hide and seek with her Daddy more than anything and always hides in her purple laundry basket.

... is obsessed with "happy" and "sad" and will give the most pitiful face as she says the word "sad" when she sees someone in a book looking unhappy.

... loves to ride in the car and listen to cd's and actually gets upset when we have to get out (a far cry from how she used to cry for entire car rides when she was little!) absolutely adorable and melts my heart on a regular basis!

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