Friday, December 3, 2010

A fun day at Turf Tikes!

We were never very successful at taking many good pictures with out old camera at soccer because the girls are moving so quickly and the lighting is horrible for pictures. So Mark decided to try out our new camera today and we were so glad that he did! Some of the pics are still blurry because of the movement, but they are 10 times better than what we could get with our old camera. And most of them were taken with the zoom from the other side of the field so he wouldn't distract them from playing.

Karlie playing "red light-green light"
"hopping" down the field (a favorite warm up exercise!)
But nothing is as much fun as trying to out-run Mama down the field!! (as Mama tries to keep from passing out -- Third trimester Mamas can't run!)
And about 99% of the time, she runs with her tongue hanging out like this -- hilarious!
She may be the smallest little one on the field, but she can trap the ball with the best of them! (as long as she holds onto Mama, of course :)

"kick and run" is her favorite drill (pretty much anything that has to do with running makes her squeal :)
Deep in thought about what to do with her squishy ball :)
Karis maneuvering between the cones
What a fun tower to knock down!
Run, Karis, run!

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Drew & Kari said...

These pictures are great! The lightening and coloring make all the difference! So glad your kiddos get to be apart of that program. It looks like a lot of fun!! :)