Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas excitement!

Last Wednesday, we got our Christmas tree! Karis has been excited about it for a while and she couldn't believe that it was actually THE DAY to do it! Karlie was a little clueless, but she was excited about all the trees to see.
Karis ran around and around the trees, squealing and singing the entire time. It was hilarious!
They both had to "help" Daddy with every aspect of putting the tree up!
They LOVED putting the ornaments on... Daddy had to let go of his "perfectly balanced tree" mentality a bit :) But I must say I was proud of him and his patience with the girls' unbelievable excitement!

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Kirstie H. said...

This made me think of when Lindsay was little. We had "living art" in our den each Christmas. She moved ornaments around everyday. I loved it!