Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby D3 update: a short-lived scare and the name game

I had my OB apt. today and it was quite interesting... my BP, weight, hydration, lack of swelling, and baby's heartbeat were all absolutely perfect. My iron was low two weeks ago, but I am trying to raise it naturally (with iron-rich foods rather than a supplement) and they will check it again in 2 weeks to see if I succeeded.

But when they went to measure the baby (which they do every week by just "feeling" and measuring with a tape), she was measuring 4 weeks behind! The midwife was pretty perplexed (downright worried) and sent me right in for an ultrasound. I tried not to worry, because it didn't make sense to me: Two weeks ago I was measuring 28 weeks and this time I was measuring 26? Babies might stop growing, but I've never heard of them shrinking! So I figured she was just "hiding" and sure enough, the ultrasound found her head way down in my pelvic bone, making it hard for the midwife to feel her (and contributing to my back ache!) No worries! She weighs 3 pounds, 9 ounces right now and has the cutest little nose! She is actually measuring one day ahead of schedule rather than 4 weeks behind, which is just fine and dandy with me :) And let's just pray that she stays head down! Anyways, I'm so thankful to catch a glimpse of my sweet little one and know that she is just perfectly healthy!

No, we haven't picked a name yet, but we did officially decide to ditch "K" names. We hope (Lord willing) to have at least one more baby after this, so she shouldn't feel left out by the lack of a "k" beginning :) And the thought of perhaps having to eventually come up with a 4th "K" name was a little too overwhelming. So anything goes!


Renee said...

So glad Baby D is ok...and so sorry you had a rough day! I'm praying for you all :)

Lauren said...

So glad that all is well! That must've been scary for you! Can't wait to hear what a cute name you come up with! We are considering a third baby and I'm already overwhelmed at just the thought another "city" name, especially if its another girl... and its not even a possibility right now! Good for you on ditching the K's!

Leah F said...

That happened to me right before Thanksgiving. The baby "measured" small, and had measured small in the previous appt as well, so they sent me for an ultrasound because we were traveling at Thanksgiving. The ultrasound showed the baby measuring in the 61% in size--above average!! It is something that we actually joke about, because I measured small with my other two as well and they were both good-sized babies (7#5oz and 8#5oz). I am glad that you were able to see your sweet little girl and that everything is going well. Can't wait to hear the name you pick!