Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only 3 months left!

Wohoo! My due date is 3 months from today (and yes, dear Katie and Lauren, I know that doesn't really mean anything as far as when the baby is actually coming, but it is still exciting to think about!! :) As you can tell in the bottom picture, Karlie is just starting to get an idea of how her life is going to change! (Not really, she was just utterly amazed at all the acorns on our walk, but I thought it was an appropriate pic :)

But enough joking; It has suddenly hit me that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the time is abslutely going to FLY and BabyD3 will be here before I know it! I had my OB apt. on Wednesday and did the blood test instead of the horrible sugar water. Oh, how glad I was to not have to drink that stuff! Everything looked good at my apt and I was informed that now I have to go every 2 weeks instead of 4. Oh, I'm so not ready for that. (The drive to my OB is a good 45 minutes, so it totally takes up a morning! But they've been so good about all my crazy wishes that I am still glad I made the switch.) Plus, it does give me a quiet morning (silence in the car and I can read a book of my choosing while I wait!) and allows the girls to have a super fun Daddy day, so maybe it is a good thing.

The girls are so excited about this baby! I think even Karlie is starting to realize something is up. A few days ago when Karis asked to "hold" the baby (she often does that and sweetly cradles her hands around my huge belly :), Karlie asked to do it, too! I have no idea if she understood or was just copying, but it was so sweet that I kind of teared up (silly pregnancy hormones!) And when I showed them the pictures of our brand new nephew, their excitement was out of this world! Karlie would say, "oooooohhhh, be-be!!!" and point and squeal and laugh with every picture. Karis was just utterly amazed at what babies look like when they first are born and asked tons of questions.

I evidently crash into the couch, exclaiming over my aching back a little too much... Karis has started complaining about her back, asking us to pray for it at night and putting pillows behind her just like I do. Last night Mark told her that she should not say that her back is hurting is if it not, because that it a lie. She replied, "But I just want to be like Mama!!!" I was laughing and tearing up at the same time (stupid pregnancy hormones again :)

Still can't believe it is only 3 months more....
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Polish mama said...

I enjoy so much reading about your girls! My kids are also so excited about our new baby, though we have 4 and a half months to wait yet. But as you say - time is going to fly :) Best wishes, Magda with Arthur and Lusia.

Lauren said...

you have the CUTEST baby bump! :)