Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last trip to Vollmer Farm...

In April, we bought a market share CSA at Vollmer Farm. That means that we paid a certain amount of money up front and were allowed to get anything at their market all season long at a discount. It was well worth it, because we got wonderful produce and had a lot of fun at the farm! We picked strawberries almost every single week in April and May, took about 2 months off when I had morning sickness in June and July, and then went about every other week during the rest of the summer and fall to get our produce for next two weeks. Last week was their last week open, so we had another fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch and then stocked up on enough pumpkins, apples. sweet potatoes, and butternut squash to last us through the winter! We love our farm and can't wait til April when they open up again!

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