Sunday, November 21, 2010

Karlie Sue at 21 and 22 months

Yes, you read the title correctly… Somehow this busy Mama completely forgot to do a 21 month update on Karlie Sue and now she is 22 months! I guess there is no need to mention that I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up! So I’ll give a quick recap of last month before diving into what Karlie is up to this month:

During Karlie’s 21st month she:

--Transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed and began sharing a room with Karis... she transitioned surprisingly easily and the first 2 weeks went very smoothly… once the newness wore off she decided it was much more fun to play than nap and has been disciplined during naptime quite often lately

--Enjoyed her first night away from Mama and Daddy and had so much fun with Nina and Papa that she didn’t even notice they were gone

---Took an extreme interest in numbers and letters and talks about them more than her older sister

-- Really started singing and became the official “song leader” (opinionated about which songs we sing) for our nightly bedtime sing-song time

--- Decided that eating is overrated and began saying “all done” after about 3 bites of food because she would much rather be playing (don’t worry; we make her stay at the table with us and she usually resumes eating once she realizes that she will not be allowed to play.)

At 22 months, Karlie Sue

-- has started saying her own name (“Darwie”) when she sees herself in pictures

-- Still wants to read, do puzzles, play “Little People” or play outside at all times

-- Has stubbornly stopped smiling/posing for pictures just like her big sister

--Talks about ninapapa and mamawpapa ALL THE TIME and says their names together as one word – so cute.

-- Can say pretty much anything, but still stumps us sometimes as to what she wants. But we have to figure it out because she is incredibly stubborn and will not stop asking for something until we correctly identify it! She loves to say “octopus” or “okie dokie” to make Mama laugh because the way she says it is so stinking cute

-- Has the most adorable belly chuckle ever!

-- Love, love, loves to run and hop, especially if Karis joins her

-- Will happily read books quietly by herself or with Karis for up to about 40 minutes. If I am busy cooking, she will bring her books to the kitchen and sit on the floor and look at them. She is utterly obsessed with her "potty books" and asks for them all the time. She also really loves her Christmas sing-song book and her Three Little Kittens book in particular.

-- Loves to sit on her little potty while Karis goes to the bathroom, but doesn't want me to take off her diaper. We're not planning to try potty training any time soon... I'm pretty certain she will be a lot more difficult to train than Karis :)

-- Gives the sweetest, tightest “ugg” (hug) every night before bed

-- Loves to tickle everyone!

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Alan Knox said...

Karlie was soooo much fun today!