Thursday, October 21, 2010

NC state fair!

We decided that Karis was old enough to really enjoy all the animals at the fair, so yesterday we braved ominous weather and bad colds and enjoyed a morning at the fair!! Thankfully, the weather held until right when we got in the car to leave and then it started pouring! We were so glad we were not out in the downpour :)

Karis and Karlie both had a blast! Karlie was just excited about all the people and kept squealing, "people, people, people!!!" over and over again :) Karis was most excited about the awesome little miniature train village(the first pic) and kept wanting to go back and see it again. It really was truly fascinating and everytime we looked at it, we observed some little detail that we hadn't noticed before!

The other big hit of the day was the little baby chick exhibit. Karis had randomly said that morning that she wanted to hold a baby chick (I don't know how she got that idea in her head) and I didn't really think that would be a possibility. But sure enough, there were lots of chicks to hold!!!

Karlie absolutely loves Curious George and she was very excited that he had a banana in the picture :)

It was such a fun time and I know the girls will be talking about the experience for weeks to come!

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