Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oh, what a nice week this has been so far! I have been so happy to just stay at home with my girls and keep our normal routine. It is amazing how much more relaxed and happy we all are when we do that. The girls would LOVE to be out and about everyday, of course, but they do so much better when we stay home and have time to read our books and Bibles, play outside, be consistent with discipline, and get to naps on time! Other things I am thankful for:

The time and energy to organize! I think nesting has started to kick in. I am s.l.o.w.l.y reorganizing our house, room by room. And it is great. I have two rooms completed and I just feel so much less stressed when everything actually has a place and that place is easy for the girls to get to so they can do their share of cleaning up. It makes such a difference. Now to keep then so nicely organized... :)

For a new nephew! He was 4 weeks early, but perfectly healthy and we are so excited! We just wish he didn't live in KY because we want to go see him so badly!

For the two dollhouses and Little People in the bottom two pictures. They are the reasons that I have had time to organize and cook a bunch lately. My girls will play with them for HOURS! It is amazing! Both of them were bought second-hand for under $5 and they would have been worth so much more! I read on a speech blog that toy houses and people are one of the BEST ways to develop language and I totally agree. My girls will sit and chat with those people non-stop. It is great. but it is hard to get a picture because they won't even look up from their playing to look at me... they are much too focused :)

That my girls are sleeping GREAT in their new beds together at night! Naptime is still a struggle for Karlie... she still wants to chat and play for over an hour before falling asleep :) But we are making progress and I am just thankful that it hasn't affected their great 12-13 hour sleep time each night! And that we can go in and turn on their little fish light in the mornings and tell them to read and play quietly together while Mark and I get dressed and start breakfast. It makes the mornings run so much more smoothly and I love to hear them laughing and squealing and having fun together!

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