Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Karis talk...

"Maybe Daddy will put batteries in it and fix it!" (after finding out that her very favorite headband, the one she wears every waking moment, was broken)

"IMPRESSIVE" (stated very proudly after a big '"toot" in the bathroom :)

Karis: "All our friends are girls?"
Me: Well, we have boy friends, too. Jon is a boy and he is your friend."
Jon: Do you wish I were a girl?
Karis: "YES!"

"Grandma and Papa have pool -- we need bathing suits!!! Daddy not need bathing suits because he is a boy!"

(To Daddy) "You have a baby in your belly!"
Daddy: Well, I guess I need to work out more!

I wuv them because they are my brovers (she meant cousins :)

(Very excitedly) "Hey Mama! May I wear my church shoes because our church friends are coming over!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Meg, I love that you put things like this on here...they crack me up! Karis sounds full of herself.