Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A new Christmas tradition...

We are really trying to save money, so we decided not to buy the girls much for Christmas this year. We knew they would get tons of presents from their grandparents and really didn't need anything, anyways. Plus, we don't want them to grow up thinking that Christmas is about the presents; we want the focus to be on the celebration of the birth of Christ! So we decided to just get them a book and a CD that we had been wanting to buy for them. We thought the CD would be a great idea and probably very necessary because Karis would undoubtedly go into Christmas carol withdrawal when we packed up all the Christmas CD's :) And we really needed a good children's Bible because we were not really that excited about the ones we already owned. We really enjoyed our simple family Christmas and I think we might actually continue the tradition of just giving the girls a special CD and book every year. And in case you were wondering, here is what we got them:

The Big Picture Story Bible -- I've seen this Bible in several of my friends' homes and it is truly the best Bible I have seen for a two year old (and older kids as well :). It has large pages with beautiful illustrations and just the right amount of words to keep a toddler's attention. Karis was super excited about it and had the first couple of stories practically memorized after just a few readings.

Questions With Answers -- Vol 1: God and Creation by Dana Dirksen -- One of my friends recently mentioned that her previous church used a curriculum that taught the 2-year-olds the Shorter Catechism. I thought that was a great idea because those questions and answers really lay a solid foundation for theology. Karis has absolutely no interest in "memorizing" anything just because Mama wants her to, but she LOVES music. So I found this CD that I think is just fabulous. It is not the catechism verbatim, but it uses questions to teach the truths about God and creation. It is a very mellow CD, with catchy rhythms and just a simple guitar and voices, and Karis loves it. I've already heard her singing to herself in the bathroom, "Who made me? God made me!" and "Why did God make you? I was was made to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." It melts my heart. I definitely want to get the next CD in the series as well!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The good news, the bad news, and some cute holiday quotes

The good news: We had a FABULOUS family vacation, the girls continued on their healthy streak, we took tons of precious pictures (about 250 :), and made lots of fun memories!

The bad news: My laptop crashed after I put the precious pictures on it :( I have several friends who know stuff about computers, so I'm hoping one of them can work some magic and save them. I really don't care about anything else on that computer -- I just want my pictures!!!!!

I have a few pics from our last day left on our camera, but I haven't had time to upload them onto our "old as the hills, super slow" desktop that was in the attic. So I'll leave you with a few of my favorite holiday quotes from my sweet Karis:

"When Jesus comes, we will sing Happy Birthday!!!!" (she excitedly told my Mom as she helped ice a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake :)

"I'm Mary!!!!" (she pronounced excitedly as she ran into the room with her blankie over her head, just like the Mary in every nativity scene she saw in her books :)

"Oooohhhh, Kitty, I got stickers!!!! I got stickers for you and stickers for me!!!!! I share stickers with you!!! No Karwie have stickers?" (as she showed off her new big book of stickers to kitty. Evidently Karwie doesn't quite rank up there with kitty :) "No Karwie have...? is her favorite expression when she doesn't want to share something with her little sis :)

"KOMBUCHA!" (her very excited response when the man at Chick-Fil-A asked us what we wanted to drink with her kid's meal :)

"Please, Mama, can I have a horsey to pull my sled?" (After reading an illustrated version of "Jigle Bells." At least she said please, right? :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wordless Sunday?

(Ha -- this wasn't supposed to post until next Wednesday, but I typed in the wrong date and it posted prematurely :)
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Daddy's candy cane girls

I know, know -- my kitchen full of dirty dishes may not be the best place for a photo shoot. But I take what I can get and I love these pics of my girls playing with Daddy :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More quotables from Karis

"How's day, Karwie? How's your day, Karwie? How's day, Karwie?" (over and over at lunch after she asked me to move Karlie closer to her. I guess I must say that to Mark every night at dinner because she has all of a sudden started saying it to Karlie :)

"I want to live in here!!!" (She was helping me put up the stuffed animals in Karlie's room and decided it was a nicer "place to live" than her own room :)

"I'm coming, too!" (when a friend at church offered to take my busy baby for a little while to give me a break, Karis decided that my friend would be a lot more fun than sitting still by Mama!)

"I touch two seep! I touch two seep!" (this was funny because it was the cat that she was talking to. Evidently she thought that he would be super impressed/excited that she got to touch two sheep at the live nativity we visited :)

"Cookies!!!!!!!!!" (This was funny because it was the first thing she said when she woke up in the morning. My friend had brought cookies to the Bible Study at our house the night before, right as Karis was saying good-night to everyone, and I had told her she could have one the next day. Evidently, she had been thinking about it all night long!)
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2 Christmas' ago...

Lauren's comment on my last post reminded me that Karis wore that same dress and headband 2 years ago. I thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures together :) The only difference is that Karis was only 7 months and still had more of those baby chubby cheeks than Karlie :)
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Friday, December 18, 2009

11 months old!!!

Is there really only a month before my baby is a year old? It just doesn't feel possible. Time definitely flies even faster the second time around!

Karlie Sue is a joyful, stubborn, energetic, feisty little thing that I just can't get enough of. She wakes up happy in the morning and will play with her blankies and dollies for quite a while before letting me know that she needs some attention. And as soon as I open her door, she just starts a bouncing up and down. Seriously, there is no way I could ever start my day in a bad mood with that kind of adorable greeting! Karlie usually goes down around 6pm and sleeps til around 7:15. She sometimes wakes up for a feeding around 10, but not always. Oh, this is a wonderful stage for so many reasons :)

Karlie now has 6 teeth and has continued the trend of eating anything I put in front of her. Except bananas, which is really funny, because bananas used to be her favorite and now she hates them. She has been a fabulous nurser, but has bitten me a few times in just the past week so I'm not sure that she will make it much longer than a year :) She cruises around the house with squeals at top speed, and she can take a few steps if she doesn't think about it. If she realizes that she is walking, however, she drops to a crawl immediately :) It is really funny to watch.

I'm still putting Karlie on the little potty and she actually uses it several times a day. She is getting excited about sign language and starts bouncing like crazy and waving her arms when I do the sign for "milk" before nursing or if I copy her when she signs "more."

Karlie loves doing just about everything -- it is just so fun to watch her get excited about the littlest things :) The only thing she doesn't like is being restrained, like at church when I try to keep her in my lap. But it is still quite entertaining (and exhausting :) to watch her jump off my lap 50 million times and swim in the air as she tries so hard to crawl away :) She no longer sleeps in the sling or Ergo because the world is just too stinking exciting!

The bathtub is still her favorite place to be and I end up putting her in it (without water), fully clothed, anytime I need to use the bathroom or clean it or help Karis :) She also loves looking out the glass storm doors so I often waste my heat by letting her play there so I can get some dishes done. Because the dishwasher is her other favorite place to be and it really doesn't matter how many times I flick her wrist and say no, she just keeps coming back for more. Like I said, she is stubborn!

Karlie absolutely LOVES to play chase/peekaboo and will run away so fast if she thinks there is any chance of you chasing her. And then look back with that adorable grin -- oh, how I love it! Nobody makes her squeal as loudly as Daddy when he is jumping out from behind the couch or chasing her down the hallway. Life is just so much fun with my 11-month old!
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Monday, December 14, 2009

A short "Not-Me" from Karlie and favorite books of the week

Pulling all the books off the shelf is NOT my favorite thing to do ever!!! And if it were, I surely wouldn't do it every chance I get even though I know I'm not supposed to. And this is definitely NOT my "caught in the act" look of guilt :) And I would NEVER give Mama my adorable grin after she catches me to make her forget that I am in trouble! Nope, not me!

And in the spirit of "not-me," these are NOT our favorite books of the week:

The Mitten by Brett -- such a cute little story about a boy who loses his mitten and some animals use it to get warm. I LOVE Jan Brett and think she is just such a fabulous illustrator! She gives a clue on each page to what is coming next and Karis just thinks that is so much fun :)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Rosen -- My two-year old loves to chant this story with me and do the motions and sounds :)

Slippers Loves to Run by Clements -- I thought this book would be too long to hold my 2-year old's attention, but she LOVES it and begs me to read it several times a day. It is a cute story about a puppy who gets out of the fence and wants to find his family again.

My First Signs by Anthony and Lindert -- We did signs with Karis as a baby, but once she started talking, we kind of stopped doing them. Now that I am teaching my baby to sign, Karis is interested again. Both Karis and Karlie have enjoyed reading this book and doing the very simple signs in the pictures.

Animal Kisses by Saltzberg -- Both Karis and Karlie enjoy this touchy-feely book, especially the pig that squeaks at the end :)

If you read any great books with your kids this week, please share! The "Not-Me" blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas dress-up!

Karis found their Christmas dresses and hat and was so excited! They had a blast playing around the tree with our snowmen and empty ornament boxes :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who cares if it's cold?

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We can have just as much fun inside! (This tunnel has to be one of the best $5 I've ever spent!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ahhh, I love it when I have time to just sit and think about what I am thankful for... today is one of those days...

Right now, I am thankful...

...that Karlie has finally decided to be an awesome sleeper like her sister. For 9 months I thought that Karis was just an easy baby and Karlie was not and that Karlie was just never going to be the great sleeper that Karis is. But I guess it just took her longer to get there :) Finally, the 13 hour sleep I have been waiting for! (not me, just Karlie; I'm lucky if my night-owl husband lets me get to bed for 8 hours, ha,ha :)

... for Karis' love of singing -- it seriously makes my day when she sings hymns and Christmas carols ALL. DAY. LONG! It makes for such a happy house.

... for Karlie's big belly laugh -- my baby will just look up and start laughing hysterically for no reason other than the fact that you looked at her. I LOVE IT! She cracks me up all day long.

...that we have been completely healthy for over a month now -- not even a sniffle! After a miserable, sleepless month of passing it back and forth between us and thinking we would never all be healthy at the same time, I will never take such such good health for granted.

... that when I try to sneak and eat chex-mix my Mama made me and Karis catches me crunching on something, she asks for granola. And when she sees fruit juice in Daddy's cup, she asks for Kombucha. And that she begs to eat her cod-liver pills all day long :)

... for the many coupon codes I have found online that have helped us stay in budget this Christmas season. Because we are trying really hard!

...that my husband helps with the dishes!

... that our mailman is super nice and returned the "Car Money" envelope of cash that we mistakenly put in the mailbox when we meant to put it in the car. And that he returned another envelope containing a check (for a bill that needed to be paid) that I had forgotten to address.

I could go on, but the girls are waking up:) Hope you are feeling thankful today as well ...

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