Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Not me" miniature golf with a 2-year old edition

I did NOT think it would be ever so much fun to take Karis to play miniature golf. She did NOT get incredibly excited about it when we called it "putt-putt," thinking we were talking about our dog that we had left at home (Pup-Pup). Karis did NOT immediately start saying "woof, woof!!!!" and dancing around. We did NOT work hard to suppress the creeping feeling that this might not turn out to be the best idea.

At first she was really excited about the pretty pink ball she picked out and the golf club that was just her size. But then Daddy tried to show her what to do with them.....Notice the look on Karis' face in the first picture? She did NOT get incredibly insulted and try to run back into the building for "more balls." Then she did NOT have the biggest tantrum she's ever had in her life when she found out she couldn't. You know, the kind you see other 2-year olds having and you think to yourself "I'm so glad my kid NEVER acts that way!" Seriously. Who knew my sweet girl had in it her?

But after her Daddy took her to see the waterfalls she was back to her normal, happy, dancing, chatterbox self. Who knew she could flip the switch like that? :) So we did NOT decide to pretty much let her be just to keep her so happy since the whole point of this golfing experience was for her to have fun...

...and she did NOT turn out to be the biggest ball hog ever :) Every time we would hit the ball, she would run and grab it. Sometimes she would collect them all and put them in the stroller. Sometimes she would help us get a hole in one. And sometimes she would collect them all and have so much fun handing them out to us, making sure we each got the correct color. It really was great fun. Seriously. We had to really focus and make sure each shot counted, because it was a par 1 on each hole :) It was a good experience and we learned a lot. But we'll probably wait til she's 3 to try again :)
"Don't even think about taking my golf balls!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This just doesn't happen....

Both of my girls looking at the camera at the same time and actually looking happy? Especially when I've put them in matching dresses and am actually "trying" to take a picture? I know the (unmade) bed isn't the best background but this may be the only one I'll ever get so I'd better frame it quick :)

Thanks, Grandma for the cute dresses :)
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Karlie loves food!

Ok, so I wasn't in a hurry to start giving Karlie food, but she has been teething miserably this week (the tooth finally showed up today!) and I thought a frozen banana might help her feel better (and enable me to actually eat my dinner :) She wasn't sure about it at first, but then couldn't get enough of it!
Look at that happy face! So different from the 1 st pic, huh?

When the banana started melting, I let her play in the soft chunks. To say that she had fun would be a vast understatement!

Yeah, maybe she didn't eat so much after all, but at least she had fun :)
I've also started giving her some soft b0iled eggs yolks with a pinch of sea salt and that is even harder to clean up! But its worth it because she is so happy at mealtimes :)
Oh, how I love that messy face!!!! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching up...

I never finished posting the pics from the DeLong family 4th of July weekend, so here they are! My apologies for the delay :)

More sprinkler fun!

The girls playing together -- don't you love their different outfits? Karis naked and Lily the ballerina :) The following pic shows you why Karis is naked...
Guess who ravaged Pap's wild blackberry bush and got the juice all over her face, hands, and little dress... luckily Nina is a pro at getting out stains!

Karis thought Jack was so much fun!