Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not-Me (from the dog)

Yeah, I know its not Monday, but the dog and Karis had something to say so I thought I'd let them....

First, listen to Karis telling you everything the dog did NOT do:

Now, hear what the dog has to say:
I do NOT think I'm a cat and should sit in all high places...
I do NOT think I am a person and should sit in chairs...

I did NOT completely break Mama's rose tree just because I wanted to sit in the pot...
I do NOT break everything just because I sit on it...
I do NOT drive my Daddy crazy and he does NOT threaten to get rid of me every night... But we do NOT know that he actually loves me dearly :)

And I certainly do NOT love this little girl so much that I will let her do this to me...
...and this...
and this and much, much more :) I am NOT the luckiest dog in the world to have such a best 2-year old friend :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I know; its ridiculous :)

Yeah, I know we took a ridiculous amount of pictures this weekend... but I don't want to forget how much fun we had so I just have to post them :)

Nina got the girls these matching play dresses. Have I mentioned how much I love to put them in matching clothes? Oh, it just makes me smile :)

Nina and Papa also got Karis the cutest little car to ride in! It took a ridiculous amount of time to put together, but with Karis' help, they somehow managed :)

Oh, how she loved her car, but there is something incredibly fun about sitting on top of a lawn mower...
Especially when Daddy and Papa need so much help fixing it :)
Cake 2 days in a row? Pretty lucky girl!
Did you know that big girls can swing by themselves now? I didn't, but evidently Daddy and Karis had been practicing for me :)
And just in case you wondered what Karlie was up to while Karis was having so much fun...
She enjoyed lots of loving and some new dresses, too :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

More birthday fun!

Grandma and Papa brought Karis a BIG bubble wand and she loved it! But chasing bubbles wasn't enough for her; Kariis wanted to do it herself! After all, she's 2 now and such a big girl!

They also brought her a sandbox, which she was really excited about! But she has a thing about her hands and feet being dirty, so it took a little convincing to get her to actually play in it :)
Another great present was an adorable pool! It has a great canopy for shade and blow-up butterflies that velcro to the sides that she can float in the water! Mama might even have to join her in the water this summer :)
Inspecting her new bathing suit, which she promptly threw in the pool because I told her it was to go swimming in :)
And no fun day is complete without playing on the hammock :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Karis!

Oh, she was sooooooo excited to have both of her grandparents here! We kept trying to get her to say she was "2 years old," but every time we said the word "2," all she would talk about was "TWO PAPAS!!!!!!"

Of course, she had to sit in the box :)
We decided that since she is so obsessed with kitties, we should have a Hello Kitty theme :) She was pretty excited about the cake and cupcakes she helped Mama to make!
Oh, I love that big grin!!!
She did such a great job trying to blow out her candles... she laughed and tried over and over again!

She finally decided to let Daddy help :)
Our big 2-year old!
Oh, how we love her!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Father Abraham, had many sons...

We love our church family for so many reasons, but last Sunday something happened that was hilarious and sweet and I was blessed and wanted to share it: First of all, worship was very different this week and I really enjoyed it. Our song leader did not prepare songs; instead, he had sent an e-mail asking the church family to pray and see what songs God lay on our hearts this week. It was neat to hear our church members share from their quiet times as they requested songs for us to sing together. It was a very special time. Karis, who LOVES our singing time because she gets to "dance" (meaning snuggle and sway to the music :) with her Daddy and I, repeatedly asked for "more dance" after just about every song :) And not in a quiet voice, either! Alan leaned over and asked if Karis had a favorite song we could sing. We laughingly told him "Father Abraham" because that is the song she asks to sing and dance to over and over and over and over at home. So he asked our church family to sing "Father Abraham" for Karis! Picture the entire church belting it out and pumping their arms up and down! (right arm, left arm... etc:) It was great! Of course, Karis got incredibly shy since everyone turned around and was singing to her so she buried her face in Daddy, but I could tell she loved it. And sure enough, after it was done, she turned to me and said, "more?" pumping her arm in the air furiously :) Thank you, church family, for singing Karis' favorite song!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The inevitable question...

I love taking my girls out with me. Sure, errands go by much more quickly without having to get them in and out of their carseat every time, but they just aren't as much fun by myself! When I'm with the girls, everyone who walks near me stops and chats. First, they comment on Karlie in my sling, because she just looks so happy and comfy and somehow they've never seen one before and think its the greatest thing. (Which it is, of course; I don't know what I'd do without it!:) And of course I hear how cute they are (what mother doesn't enjoy that? :) Then there's the "I'll bet they keep you busy!" comments. At which point I know the inevitable question is coming: "So do you want more?" they say with a laugh and knowing grin. To which I enthusiastically reply "Ooohhh, YES!" And you should see the look of amazement on their faces. They can't believe that after having 2 under 2 we could possibly want more. You think I am making this up, but I seriously get this question, along with the disbelief, pretty much every time I meet someone. It has become a joke in our house; I walk in the door and tell Mark, "yep, it happened once again" :) I don't mind the question; in fact, I look forward to a chance to tell people what an incredible blessing children are! But it does sadden me that the world seems to think that having more than 2 kids is crazy.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Karlie at 4 months

Oh, my baby is just so much fun now!! Cooing, squealing, laughing at every waking moment. She is so responsive and we "talk" back and forth for up to 30 minutes (usually when I am rocking her to sleep is when she gets wound up and wants to chat :) Life is so much more fun for her since she can now grab things and bring them to her mouth. Chewing on her fingers is great fun, as well as her paci and super-soft-silky blanket. Just grabbing at her toes is highly entertaining! Karis loves it because Karlie will respond to her as well, usually flashing her a big grin. And if when she laughs, Karis gets so excited and laughs along with her.

Karlie is still sleeping through the night pretty well. Most nights, I only have to get up once to feed her. But the most amazing thing for me has been her naps! At this age, Karis would hardly ever nap more than an hour. She would be awake an hour, asleep an hour, etc all day long. Karlie, however, has started taking a 3-4 hour morning nap! It astounds me every day :) I am so thankful, though, because I am actually starting to get things done aound here! Her afternoon naps are still unpredictable, but that morning nap is such a blessing!

We are enjoying sweet Karlie Sue so much. I wish she would stay at this stage forever, but I know next month I will be saying the same thing :)

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Karis' new "swing"

Since we got our fence up, we decided it was time to bring out our hammock! To say Karis was excited is a tremendous understatement! She calls it her "big" (picture her arms outstretched) "swing" :)
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my "Old" Man :)

Yep, Mark hit the big 3-0 today! Bet you didn't know he was that old! I can tease him because I have 3 more years before he can say I'm old! But I think he is absolutely wonderful anyways and love him so much! So I surprised him by having some of his favorite people over last night. And I ordered him a Dairy Queen cake :) One of the highlights of the night has to be him asking if anybody wanted to sing happy birthday to him because he wanted to go ahead and cut the cake :) And the fact that Laurel and I beat the guys 3 straight games in Rook, but I won't mention that, he , he :)

Karis apparently loves icing :)
We were going to have a big Wii competition, but we had so much fun fellowshipping that we didn't pull it out til it was almost time to go home :)
And in case you were wondering, yes,we still have a crib in our living room. Karlie is sleeping so well there that we haven't wanted to make the change to the guest bedroom for fear of either her or Karis waking each other up :)

Oh, and one of the best parts of the night was that Miranda and her friend Lindsey watched Karis for us outside while we played games and laughed with our friends. Thanks, girls!
And the fellows apparently enjoyed our hammock :)
All in all, it was a great night and I am so thankful for my old, wonderful husband!