Monday, March 30, 2009

Disciplining an almost 2 year old :)

Like I mentioned in Karis' monthly update, we have really been struggling with discipline lately. Its mainly because Karis likes to play so much and makes a game out of everything we ask her to do. For example, she wants Daddy to chase her instead of coming when called, etc. We used to tell her no and spank her little thigh immediately, but it just doesn't seem effective anymore. So we talked and prayed about it and knew we needed a new method of discipline. We plan to follow the guidelines in Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp and use these charts to really reach her heart rather than just force obedience. But we don't think she has the understanding or attention span yet to jump right to those methods. So I talked to my sis-in-law who has shepherded 2 children through this stage already, and she was really encouraging to me and gave me a lot to think about. So we came up with a simple, abridged version of the SaCH method and it really seems to be working! When I ask Karis to do something and she doesn't, I tell her to look at me and say, "Karis, Mama told you to do.... Did you do it? Karis will seriously and sadly shake her head no, and it is so precious! Then I tell her that I have to spank her because she didn't obey and she puts her hands on me or a chair, I pull down her pants, and give her 3 swats. She cries and I hold her and tell her that I love her, etc. Its so hard to do because she is so stinkin' cute and so sweet by this point! But I can tell a difference already. Please pray for us and me especially, because it is really hard for me to put Karlie down to discipline Karis when Karlie is nursing or almost asleep, etc. But if I don't discipline her right away she will never learn.
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bouncy Seat Obsession :)

Karis is so excited about Karlie's bouncy seat! Yes, she even sits in it about 50 times a day, but I haven't gotten a picture of that yet :) Yesterday, she was leaning over the back of it so much that she fell over it, head first, onto Karlie. No pic of that, though, because I
was scrambling! Needless to say, its no longer a particularly safe place for me to put Karlie, so Karis gets more use out of it than Karlie now :)

In the 3rd pic, she is mad that Karlie is sitting in it because she wants to put her babydoll in it :)
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lovin on her babies :)

Like I mentioned in her monthly update, Karis is obsessed with her babydolls right now. She copies everything I do to Karlie and takes them everywhere. So here are some more pics I snapped of her being a Lil' Mama:

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

All night long!

Yay! Karlie slept though the night last night!!! My first full night's sleep in over 2 months. It would have been wonderful if I hadn't kept on waking up wondering if she was ok :) I'm sure praying she does it again tonight!

Update #2: Tummy time is nearly impossible now because Karlie rolls herself over nearly every time I put her on her tummy. Yesterday I rolled her back 3 times and each time she immediately flipped over. We are going to have to transition Karis to a toddler bed soon because the beautiful tiny crib from my grandmother won't be safe much longer. Luckily, she can't roll in her swaddle yet :)

I love this pic of Mark with his girls. He was holding Karlie for me so that I could get dressed, and of course Karis couldn't stand to not be in Daddy's arms, too. I came out of the bedroom and he was dancing with the 2 of them :) Karlie, still swaddled, was just smiling up at him like she thought he was the greatest thing in the world!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Karis at 22 months

This picture tells a lot -- This month Karis really became a little Mama :) She loves playing with her baby doll and doing whatever she sees Mama doing with Karlie. She will burp her, dance with her, wash her face, wear her in a sling, give her a paci, wrap her up in Karlie's swaddle, nurse her, etc. It is so sweet and I absoutely LOVE to see her being such a little Mama! I think she has completely forgotten life before Karlie and now taking care of a baby is just what we do :) Did I mention that I love it? :) It has also made mursing times so much easier, for which I am thankful!

This month has also really been fun in watching Karis' language develop. She has so many phrases now that are so cute! And she has named almost every item in the house as either Mama's or Daddy's, depending on who she seesusing it the most. Anytime she sees a ball anywhere, it is Daddy's :) She can now pick out certain words in songs that she will sing over and over. Dancing is undoubtedly her favorite thing to do. I seriously have a hard time completing any task before she is begging me to dance. And to her, dancing starts out as a long hug/snuggle time and then progresses to getting down and dancing in circles in the living room. Her absolute favorite song is Father Abraham and she will randomly start pumping her arm or leg up and down no matter what we are doing, begging me to put on the CD. I've undoubtedly listened to that particular CD about 10 times a day for the last 2 weeks! And certain songs are "Daddy's" and certain ones are "Mommy's" and she will request to dance with us when our song comes up :) It cracks me up everytime but really, its hard to get anything done when you are dancing every 10 minutes! So she is definitely learning disappointment.

Which brings us to the next issue -- discipline! The swats on the bum that used to be so effective no longer work AT ALL! So we are bumping up our discipline a couple notches and I'll probably blog more about it later in the week. This past month Karis has gotten extremely playful in a disobedient kind of way. She makes a game out of anything we tell her to do, sqealing and trying to do the opposite. Definitely frustrating and calling for a higher form of discipline! But she has already started to respond to us better so I am encouraged :)

Karis loves to play so much that she would rather not eat a meal. Snacking suits her just fine, but boy does she hate being strapped to the high chair! But sitting in Mama's chair is ok because she feels like a big girl and can get down whenever she wants :) We obviously have to make her eat in her highchair, but she will say "down? down?" every 10 seconds :) Dinner is especially hard on her because she knows that playtime with Daddy is right after dinner! She is still a pretty picky eater, but loves anything with beans, cheese, or "gooda-gooda-gooda" (granola). She always tries to grab her favorites when I open the fridge and sometimes, I let her just pick what she wants for lunch. On Saturday, she picked beans, quinoa, and cheese, so I just layered it with some shredded chicken and she and I were both happy with her lunch :)

Karis loves to write with a pen. We've given her crayons and markers, but she gets bored with them pretty quickly. B ut she will draw with a pen for quite some time -- I guess its because that is what she sees us doing all the time. And most of the time she holds it the correct way, too, because we have fixed it in her hand so often.

She loves for us to pray and hold her hands. The other day at the lunch table, she asked us to pray about 6 times :) She also loves for us to ask her "who loves Karis?" We started it just at bedtime, but now do it several times a day.

Karis likes to look pretty for Daddy. If I put her in a new outfit and say its pretty, she will say, "Daddy?" Last Wednesday afternoon when I was changing her diaper, she asked to put on a dress for Daddy. She also loves to have her nails painted :) I love having a girl to dress up!! Its just so much fun!

Karis is growing and changing so much I can hardly believe it. I guess because of Karlie, she just seems like such a big girl now. I love her soo much!

Karlie faces :)

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daddy made me do it :)

Umm... Daddy was helping to clean out Karis' closet and he found this purple dinosaur costume (I had grabbed it at the share shop for Karis to play dress up with :) So he put it on her.... She didn't really know what to think of the outfit, but she knew it zipped up, which must mean it must be a coat, right? So she thought we were going outside to play and kept running to the door saying, "o'side, o'side!" She never gave a good smile for the camera, but Daddy insisted that I post these anyways :)

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Mama and Tough Cookies :)

Karis has really been having fun with her baby doll lately. Pretty much everytime I nurse Karlie or start rocking her, Karis gets her baby doll to take care of. Its so sweet. She rocks it, pats its back, and even wants me to swaddle it. And this week, she has started grabbing my sling and wanting to carry her baby doll around.
The last pic makes my girls look so mean that I almost didn't post it. But it was too funny not to share. Karis loves to put on her Daddy's sweatband, and today she wanted to put it on Karlie. Karlie looks extra tough because she scratched herself (have I ever mentioned that I hate cutting baby nails? So tiny!)
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natural Living 101

THIS is a fabulous website for all kinds of info and tips on natural, healthy, and frugal living. I just had to share

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 month smile

Whew! I think that was the fastest, most exhausting, and most rewarding 2 months of my life! Karlie is just so sweet. She smiles all the time now and has such a sweet coo. And she is getting cute little chubby cheeks that I simply cannot stop kissing :) She loves watching faces and will get so excited when someone smiles at her. And she seems to think Karis is the most interesting thing in the world. Her eyes will just follow Karis everywhere! She loves to be held, especially in my sling. If I let her stay awake too long and she gets overstimulated, the only thing to do is pop her in my sling and bounce around a bit. She will usually calm right down. Karlie loves to stretch and kick on a blanket, but she will cry if I walk away -- she wants to be right next to us all the time :) Karlie rolled over 4 times in one day, but hasn't done it since... I must have eaten my spinach that day :)

Getting her to sleep at night has been a lot more tough than with Karis -- Karis would just stay on her 3 hour schedule and fall asleep as soon as I rocked her. Karlie has had some very restless evenings, but is starting to do better now. I've figured out that I just can't let her stay awake more than 45 minutes or she gets overstimulated and goes a little crazy. But she is doing better now and I've started back with the dairy and it doesn't seem to bother her (Thank goodness!! I love my milk and yogurt!) For the most part, she will sleep at least 3 hours at a time at night, and the past 2 weeks she has given me several nights where she slept 6 hours at a time. So I think she will be sleeping through the night soon.

And me? Loving having 2 under 2 but still trying to figure out how to get it all done. I recently told a friend that I feel like I am being a good Mama and a good cook, but a horrible housekeeper. I'm so thankful for an understanding husband who doesn't complain but pitches in and gets done what I can't seem to find time to do!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Bumbo time!

I all of a sudden realized that Karlie was strong enough to enjoy the Bumbo for a little bit at a time. She did seem to like being able to sit up on her own! But she didn't get too much of a chance, becaues Karis was ever so excited about the Bumbo and can still fit in it! She needs a little help getting out, but she had a blast with it today :)

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun birthday party!

Karis got to go to a super fun birthday party this weekend! It was at a place that had rooms filled with blow up jumping houses and slides. She was a little timid at first, but it wasn't long before she was running crazy everywhere, wanting to do it all! Her Daddy had lots of fun chasing her around while I snapped pictures. Her favorite thing was a humongous slide. She went down with her Daddy several times, then was brave enough to try it on her own. She loved it! I took a video:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

She love Karis' kisses!

Karis gave Karlie a kiss and she smiled :) My girls are just so sweet!
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Friday, March 13, 2009

And it begins...

I thought I had more time. I wasn't ready for my baby to be mobile already. But today, she rolled over. The first time I thought it was a fluke. Karis didn't roll over until sometime in her third month and Karlie isn't even quite 2 months yet! But by the third time today, I figured Karlie must have figured it out somehow. She just gets to rockin' like crazy when I put her on her belly and then... there she goes! I just hope she doesn't figure out how to keep going :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caught in the act :)

Karis is extremely mischievous, and some of her ideas of fun make me smile pretty much every day.

First pic: Karis is obsessed with Karlie's pacis. She gets extremely excited very time she finds one, and ridiculously excited if she happens to find two. As seen in this pic, she loves to climb up on her wagon, and grab the pacis from Karlie's crib. She doesn't eat them, but she just loves to find them. She seriously checks the crib about 25 times a day for pacis :) She also gets a big kick when I ask her to bring me a paci or put one in the sink (to be washed because she has just put her hands all over it, of course :)

2nd pic: This is how poor kitty ends up every day, if not several times a day :) I have a box full of pictures that I never put in a book, mostly of Karis' first year. She asks to look at them at least twice a day. And if kitty is on the bed (which is 90% of the time), he ends up covered in pictures because Karis thinks it is hilarious. I love the last pic because its like Karis is saying, "Who me?"

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