Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hanging out with my brother's family!

We live in the same city as my brother, but between school, work, and family schedules, we hardly ever get to hang out. Saturday night we decided to do pizza and go have fun with them. Karis and Keaton are only 6 weeks apart, so they always have a blast together and we sure had fun watching them go crazy together :) Its hard to catch pics of them together because they are so busy, but we tried.

Mark enjoyed a minute of cuddles when they got tired...but not more than a minute! Too much fun to be had!
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I just can't get enough of her :)

Such a sweet smile :)

Hide and Seek: After I find her, she runs out and attacks me with a big hug while I smother her with kisses :)

Not sure what is going on...I came out of the kitchen and found them just like this :)
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

"... and sometimes I think I'm a kitty" :)

As Karis has gotten older, she has grown even more fond of her kitty. If she even hears him talking in the other room, she will drop whatever she is doing and run and find him. Then she gets down on his level and crawls around and rubs heads with him and talks to him. She mimics him perfectly; its hilarious. I think she talks kitty language better than English! If she even hears the word "kitty" she will start making noises like her kitty. And I'm not talking about a normal, pretty "meow" like most kids would do; its more of a yowl but sounds just like him :) Yeah, I'm glad we are having another baby because sometime I think she thinks she's a kitty :) But I'm glad she has so much fun with her kitty.
"see, I'm just like you!"
"I can pick him up just like Mama!" (not really, but she tries :)
Ok, she's copying me when she pets him with her foot. I usually have something in my hands when Kitty comes yowling for attention, so I often pet him with my foot. And she tries to do it all the time :) Its really funny when she tries to do it standing up, because she can't keep her balance :)
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videoI know that no one will enjoy this video as much as I do, but I just had to post it. Karis is starting to say more words every week and I know that such nonsense conversations will soon end. They make me smile and I am so glad I caught this one on tape :) Sorry that she is looking out the door for most of it; I just videoed it for her jabbering :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, how we love this weather!!!

Since the weather turned nice and cool, we have pretty much spent every possible moment outside :) We love fall!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

16 months old!

What a happy baby girl I am blessed to take care of. Ok, maybe she's not really a baby anymore. She's definitely a big girl now. She's really gotten into signing this month, saying "please" and "more" all the time when she wants something and also when I tell her to say it. Its so hard for me to say no to her when she is signing "please" so sweetly! We are working on "thank-you" this month and I'm hoping she understands the difference.

Karis now has 3 of her molars in and is working on the last one. Luckily, it really didn't seem to bother her much. I had heard horror stories of super high temps and much crying, but she seemed to get off easy :)

Karis' favorite thing to do is to take tops on and off of containers. I will give her something, thinking that there is no way in the world that she can figure out how to get it open, and the next thing I know, its all over the floor :) But its a great way to keep her busy if I'm trying to work in the kitchen...I just fill up a tupperware with some of her magnetic letters and she will take the top on and off and the letters in and out for 20 minutes or more :)

As you can tell from the last pics, her other favorite thing to do is to play hide and seek. She loves to peek through t he chair bars at me and squel if I pretend like I want to get her. Its a lot of fun, but can be trouble if I call her to come to me and she takes off running and squealing, wanting me to chase her. She has a hard time knowing when its ok to play and when its not :)

Karis has also really gotten excited about the slide on our playset outside. She will squeal and laugh and just have the best time! Unfortunately, this pregnant Mama can only help her up the slide about 5 times before my back starts to hurt, and Karis would really do it for 30 minutes if I let her :)

Her favorite food is probably yogurt, which she eats every single day. I get the whole milk, plain, unsweetened kind and stir in a bit of unsweetened applesauce (homemade when I have it :) to give it a little more flavor without the sugar. And she loves it! Its become her daily snack while I try to get dinner on the table because she will sit there for so long and feed herself. Especially if I give her a piece of bread or teething biscuit or fruit to dip in it. She LOVES to dip her food :) She is still a picky eater, but I've figured out that its primarily the mood she is in and if I have control of our schedule for the day (no unexpected errands or apt) than I can usually feed her at the right time and get her to eat plenty.

She has pretty much dropped the second nap, but is nice enough to have a much longer late morning nap (2-3 hours) and playtime in her crib most afternoons for 30-45 min. She has a blast reading her books, turning her mobile on and off, and talking to her stuffed toys. Its hilarious to listen to her :) She is still sleeping between 12-13 hours at night, for which I am so thankful!

We have been trying to talk about babies a lot and she absolutely loves them! She gets so excited whenever she finds a picture of a baby in her books or we see one in a store :) Last week sweet Vaden came to visit and she was just beside herself with excitement. She wanted to play with him like she does her kitty and pup, but he is a lot younger so we had to work on being gentle :) It was hilarious, though, watching her want to rub heads with him like she does her kity :) I was just excited that she didn't seem to mind me holding him. I think she will make a great big sister!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mark's "new" job and my flexible baby

Mark started his new job this week! We have really enjoyed having him home with us more during the week, but he was definitely going a little stir crazy and ready to get back to work :) Mark is still doing his long weekend, long night-shift job at UPS -- we would like to quit but have to have the insurance for the new baby. He also started working full-time at the Little Kickers Soccer company where he has been teaching a couple of classes a week. He is now Assistant Director of the program and really enjoys his job. However, it is full time, so that along with UPS means he is working 7 days a week and working both jobs on Fridays and Mondays. So please keep us in your prayers. He is pretty worn out from all the hours and it is a hard transition for Karis and I since we got spoiled having him around so much during the day. But it is only for a season and then hopefully we can quit UPS! We are very thankful for this job, especially since it is one Mark enjoys so much. Also, Karis and I can drop by and see him for a quick lunch anytime we want :)

Enjoy the pics of my crazy baby. There is nothing she would rather do than be upside down all twisted up :)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bye-bye paci!

We finally did it! No more paci for Karis! Now, I know the paci thing is controversial in the first place. Some Moms just don't want to start the habit. But I did a lot of research and most everything I read showed that the paci serves a useful purpose -- babies have a need to suck! It is both soothing and developmentally good for them. Plus the fact that it kept me from being a human paci -- I really wanted Karis to eat full meals and not snack all the time just because she wanted to suck. We did make sure, however, that we bought the NUK pacis because they are the only ones that are good orthodontically. But all that to say, we decided to give her a paci at about 3 weeks after she was good at nursing and we didn't think it would confuse her. And we were so glad we did! It was really one of the most helpful things we bought! I could bounce her to sleep anywhere and she would stop fussing whenever I gave it to her. Around a year, I took it away from her except at naps and bedtime, because the need to suck is gone by then and it was just a habit. Letting babies have a paci too long can interfere with language development. She really didn't even notice that the paci was confined to her crib! But she definitely wanted it to go to sleep with! I decided this month was a good month to get rid of it because we aren't going to be traveling for at least another month, if not longer. I had read somewhere that if you poke a hole in the paci, it kinda loses its bubble and the baby won't like it anymore. So I tried that last week, but it didn't phase her a bit! She still sucked on it to go to sleep! So this week I finally hid them and let her cry it out. Yesterday she only napped about 20 minutes becuase she was fussing about it, but she only fussed about 20 minutes last night and slept ALL NIGHT LONG without it! And she only fussed for about 15 minutes for her morning nap today and then slept a good nap. So I think we've done it! Daddy wasn't so excited when I told him; he was like, "we can't even use it in the car?" Ha, ha :) But there''s no going back now! Karis is officially a big girl now!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New blog and new shoes :)

I just wanted to let you know that I have started putting my favorite recipes on a new blog. One of my favorite relaxing activities is to cut recipes out of magazines for us to try and I have so many that I can never find the really good ones that I want to use :) I actually lost one that I love and that is why I finally decided to put them online. My plan is to try to upload a few each week and eventually have them all logged. So if you need a recipe, feel free to check it out: http:///www.megsfavrecipes.blogspot.com

Nina and Papa found some really cute black shoes on sale for Karis. She LOVES shoes and wanted to wear them the whole weekend even though they are still too big for her :) In the first pic she is not sure because they feel so different and in the last pic she is dancing around the house like she did the whole time she was wearing them :)

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pup-Pup tickling Karis :)

videoI know, you might think I shouldn't let my dog lick my baby, but she just gets such a kick out of it that I hate to stop it. Pup-Pup was taking a nap and Karis went over and lay her hear right beside the puppy. So Pup-Pup gave her a lick and then Karis squealed and on and on it went for a good 8-10 minutes. It was hilarious :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trying out The Maker's Diet

No, I'm not wanting to lost weight! I've been having some pregnancy-related health issues lately which resulted in a kidney infection, so I went to both my OB and my homeopathic doc. My OB gave me an antibiotic. I hate taking antibiotics anytime, but when I am pregnant, I really don't like taking them because its just hard to know if it might be affecting the baby in some way. So that's why I decided to go to my homeopathic doc. She gave me a couple homeopathic remedies and strongly suggested I do "The Maker's Diet" to get rid of all the toxins in my body. Its a safe diet that pretty much excludes all dairy, sugars, and breads for the first two weeks. But I can eat all the meats and veggies that I would want. The books claims that it helps to "stabalize insulin and blood sugar, reduce inflamation, reduce infection, enhance digestion, and help balance the hormones in your body." I was pretty leery of this diet when I first heard about it; I mean, how can a diet change do all that? But over the past year, many people in our church have done it with pretty amazing results. One of my friends got rid of thrush (a yeast infection) just by cutting out the sugars, dairy, and bread. And another successfully cleared up fibromyalgia symptoms.  It might take a bit longer than the antibiotics, but it seems a lot safer so I decided to try it. Of course, today we had a covered dish at my church and on Wednesday we are having a game night at our house where everyone is bringing fingerfoods and yummy desserts! Talk about bad timing! So anyways, pray for me the next two weeks as I try to eat only meats and veggies and some fruits. Its been really tough, but I have learned a lot about cooking healthy! I made a salad dressing from coconut oil, strawberries, and lemon juice which was actually pretty good and so good for me! I think I'll continue using it even after I'm done with the diet :)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

The best toys...

Check out this link on technology and toys -- I just thought it was fascinating and so true! Karis loves her little stacking cups (you can see one of them inside the bean container) more than any other toy in the world! It doesn't matter how many times she plays with them, she always finds something interesting to do with them. Here is a quote from the previous article I linked to that is so apparent as I observe Karis'playtime:

"On Kidstoyclub.com, there is an article on Educational Toys Versus Edutainment Toys” explaining the difference between “open-ended toys” like blocks where play themes are unlimited versus “closed-ended toys.” “A closed-ended edutainment toy, on the other hand, may only require a child to press a few buttons. Eventually, it leads to a dead end and the child grows bored and tosses the toy aside.” The article ends with the point that edutainment toys “can foster an acceptance of a disposable consumer culture.” After playing the educational video game several times, kids master the game or get bored with the material and want the next level or next game. The lifespan of such a toy is short compared with a lump of play-doh or a box of legos."

Karis also loves anything she can pour (or throw :) like these dried beans. She did really well playing with them on the couch for several days, then when she got a little crazy with them, we moved to the kitchen. I thought her kitchen sink was a perfect sensory table for her since she couldn't pick it up and dump the beans all over the floor. She still inevitably made a mess, just not as bad as when it was in a portable container :) But she just loves anything small enough to mix with a spoon and pour into her little cups :) Pasta is another fun thing to mix around in her kitchen :)


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